Sunday, 29 May 2016


New Look dress* / New Look choker* / ASOS heels / ASOS bag (sold out but this is just as cute)

Here's the second part of my collaboration with New Look where I'm taking the same floral wrap dress from their occasion hub, and this time styling it up for a night time look (find the day time look here). A pair of pointed heels will instantly make an outfit night appropriate, and this light blush pair from ASOS are a great alternative to black, the shade is perfect for spring yet still neutral. I also love putting my hair in an up-do for a special occasion. Braids are an easy way to go about this as they require minimal effort yet can seem intricate at the same time. I'm no expert when it comes to braiding but I've somewhat mastered a Dutch braid and find that this hairstyle is great for keeping the hair out of your face and neck on those balmy summer nights (also perfect for those times when you just can't be bothered to wash your mop). I've really been into chokers lately and what better time to show one off then when you're wearing your hair up? If the grungey vibe isn't really your thing, this pretty pink one from New Look proves that they can look dainty and feminine too. I just couldn't resist shooting this look in front of some beautiful blossoms, wish they'd stick around for longer because I totally wouldn't mind having them as a backdrop for all my photos!


Thursday, 26 May 2016


New Look dress*/ New Look shoes*/ ASOS hat

Today I have an exciting collaboration with the one and only New Look where I'm styling up one of the beautiful dresses from their special occasion hub to suit both day time and night time events. I chose this wrap style dress firstly because I fell in love with the colour and print, it practically evokes spring plus the breezy silhouette will make it something I'm sure to reach for in the summertime as well. For a daytime look, I paired the dress with my current favourite type of footwear, the glove shoe. Ultra comfy and super chic at the same time, the low heel and sleek silhouette will take you from a picnic in the park to a fancier garden party with zero fuss. Stay tuned for how I style this dress for night time in my next post.



Tuesday, 24 May 2016


I was beyond thrilled to be invited back to Rose Theatre Kingston for the press night of their latest play, a rendition of Shakespeare's King John*. I've loved the venue ever since I first visited last year, it's modern and spacious both inside the auditorium and outside towards its picturesque surroundings, situated along the river and miles away from the hustle and bustle of London. I was completely unfamiliar with the history of King John but after a bit of background research discovered that Shakespeare's play is basically a dramatic retelling of his reign over England and apparently it's rarely staged compared to his other works. Rose Theatre's version is directed by Trevor Nunn and stars Jamie Ballard as King John and Howard Charles (who you might recognise from the TV series The Musketeers) as Philip Faulconbridge. 

The ever-present dispute between the English and French in the play begins when the French ambassador delivers the message that King John is required to surrender his crown to their Prince Arthur (son of John's elder brother Geffrey). King John refuses and the French declare a war between them. Soon after, the king resolves an argument about inheritance between two brothers, in which he discovers the elder, Phillip, is a bastard and the illegitimate son of King Richard I. King John knights Phillip and he becomes quite the loyal right hand man, one of action and initiative whilst the king is seen to be more foolish and uncertain. Many arguments passed between the French and the English, even a few wars break out, and not gonna lie, I started to zone out a little, though this could well be contributed to the fact that I was powering through the flu and the hour was late. Whilst the play progressed slowly through it's rather lengthy three hour duration, it explored some interesting political themes, mainly in betrayals versus collaborations between seemingly opposing sides.

As usual, I'm in awe at all the strong performances within the cast. For me personally, it's the make or break for a Shakespeare play seeing as I'm not that well-versed on the subject, things can get tedious pretty quickly. Luckily in King John, both the main actors commanded the stage brilliantly, Jamie Ballard managed to make me pity the ultimately lousy king, whilst Howard Charles cast a great hero figure as Phillip/Richard. The entire cast were pretty darn good really, I was particularly impressed by Lisa Dillon who portrayed Prince Arthur's mother, she conveyed that maternal love so powerfully, even through stages of madness and grief. Prince Arthur himself was played by Sebastian Croft, who I had just seen as a young Ned Stark in the latest season opener of Game of Thrones. He's definitely one to watch, the youngest of the ensemble cast yet he had no trouble acting against the others, blending in seamlessly. 

King John's reign ends quite tragically as is not quite a surprise with Shakespeare. Despite the inevitable feeling of forthcoming doom, the play was lightened with some laugh out loud moments, however dark the comedy. The set and costumes were amazing, with so much detail going into the medieval garments and props. I love the large stage at Rose Theatre, along with the spacious and modern auditorium. It makes you feel less cooped up compared to theatres in the West End and the seats are exceedingly wide and comfy. I'd definitely recommend this production of King John if you're a Shakespeare fan as it's one that you don't really come across all too often being brought to life on stage. Also, if you've never visited Rose Theatre or the town of Kingston for that matter, you definitely should, it's only a 20 minute train ride away from central London and it's such a lovely, quaint little area. Rose Theatre has certainly become one of my favourite theatre venues and I'm looking forward to returning in the near future for some more exciting productions. 

To end with a funny little side story, before the play I met up with one of my best friends who lives in Kingston. We were sitting at a restaurant nearby when Howard Charles literally walks in to order some tea. It was such a coincidence and we explained to him that we were going to see his play that evening and were surprised to see him here out of all places and he agreed and laughed at what a chance meeting it was. He then proceeded to ask me if my hair was real, a question that was then repeated again in a couple of hours by Rob Sheehan, who I met briefly in the foyer of the theatre as he'd just seen the play as well. I found it quite hilarious as my hair is most definitely real. Speaking of, I think this might actually be the debut of my fully blue hair on this blog. I'm sure you've all seen it if you follow me on my other social media platforms but as I was a little behind on my blog posts, it had yet to make an appearance. In all honesty, I just got bored with my dip dye one day and decided to extend the colour all over my entire head. It was a DIY job actually and I'm thinking of writing a post on the whole process of turning black hair into a bright fantasy colour as well as maintenance and aftercare if this was something you lovely lot would be interested in? Anyway, do let me know in the comments below.

King John is at Rose Theatre Kingston until the 5th of June 2016. More information and tickets can be found here.

*Complimentary tickets to the play were provided by Rose Theatre but all opinions, thoughts and love for theatre are my own.


Sunday, 22 May 2016


Self Portrait dress / ASOS shoes / Chloe bag

This is probably the ultimate in the lazy girl's guide to dressing, a piece that looks like a separate top and skirt but is actually one continuous dress. It's great for me because as the weather gets progressively warmer, I get noticeably slacker with pairing tops and bottoms, much preferring to have something I can just thrown on without needing to worry about whether it'll match or not. Plus you won't get any of those annoying billowy bits of your top that decide to untuck itself throughout the day.



Thursday, 19 May 2016


Drop Dead hoodie (limited edition) / Dangerfield skirt / Dr Martens boots

LΓ©on: The Professional is one of my all time favourite films, I could watch it all day every day, that's just how much I adore it. That's why when Drop Dead released this limited edition hoodie, I had to snap one up stat. Here I've styled it over a floral skirt and my docs. I used be so self conscious and uncertain about wearing docs as I felt they accentuated my large calves but now I must say I don't give a hoot, docs are comfy and such substantial shoes, I'll wear them whenever the hell I want.


Tuesday, 17 May 2016


American Apparel top / Topshop bomber jacket / ASOS jeans / Reebok x Local Heroes trainers

Choker style tops have been absolutely everywhere for a while now and I for one am always partial to a shoulder baring neckline. However, as my style is usually quite vintage inspired and girly, I spent some time debating whether a top such as this would be able to integrate itself into my wardrobe but in the end decided that trying one out in basic black probably wouldn't hurt. I'm yet to branch out of a certain 'streetwear' way of styling it but seeing how great it looked with a pair of high waisted jeans and a bomber jacket has inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and dress more tomboyish and casual (or perhaps I've been hanging around a certain Miss Turner too much and her effortless style is starting to rub off on me). Not to mention that wearing trainers around all day is insanely comfy and it's rather refreshing not having to worry about a sudden gust of wind attempting to flash your knickers, which is an all too common occurrence in the UK. 

Have you got one of these choker style tops? How have you styled yours?


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