Thursday, 12 May 2016


Topshop top / ASOS jeans / ASOS shoes (sold out but similar)

These jeans though. I've never owned anything quite as wide-legged as this pair, as you can see they are pretty extreme, almost to the point of appearing like a maxi most of the time. I first spotted them on Emma of Archer Avenue and they looked absolutely amazing on her so I thought I'd give them a go and see if I could pull them off half as well as she did. The fact that they have a completely adjustable tie waist means that it cinches you in and stops it from looking too oversized and the denim material is super soft and flowy so there's no risk of appearing boxy either, which is a silhouette that never suits my bottom half. The top is just a Topshop sales find, think I got it for under a tenner. I absolutely fell in love with the William Morris-esque print. Finally, finished the look off with my first and favourite pair of glove shoes from ASOS. 

Thoughts on wide leg jeans? Or will you be sticking to the straight and skinny leg variety?




  1. These look great on you! Such a gorgeous outfit, perfect for spring :)

    Hayley-Eszti |

  2. This outfit looks stunning with your hair! I don't think I can pull of wide leg jeans, I'll stick to my skinnies for now!

  3. This outfit looks stunning with your hair! I don't think I can pull of wide leg jeans, I'll stick to my skinnies for now!

  4. Girl i love this, this denim is so lovely
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  5. I love the color of that top is your hair! You look like a sophisticated mermaid :)


  6. The wide leg jeans look amazing on you!!! I'm more into skinny jeans as my middle bit is wider but I luckily have skinny legs and a smallish waist, but I think these jeans are fab and could work for my shape as well! Gone and ordered a pair! :)
    Diana xxx

  7. Lovely post. I absolutely love your hair!!

    Would love for you to check out my blog and leave any comments with your thoughts :)

    Toula Rose xoxo

  8. You are rocking the hell out of these jeans! Looking amazing as always! x

    Written by Tasmine | UK Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  9. You pull this look off so amazingly! <3

  10. LOVE!!!! You look so good, Andini! I don't wear jeans often at all, but I think if I got a pair like these, that'll change for sure, haha x


  11. Love this outfit!! The top is gorgeous and your hair looks so nice

  12. You are so pretty! Obsessed with the shoes! x

  13. This outfit is the best! I love the pairing of the top with the jeans. So cute! And those shoes - I want them! haha
    I think I'll personally stick to skinny jeans, but I think you look fantastic in these wide ones! Somehow I don't think they'll go with my style... I don't know really. But you make it look so chic and cool, which of course makes me curious.
    Have a very nice weekend my darling!
    Much love

  14. love your pics!

    hi from:

  15. love that top

  16. You always look so fabulous in every single thing you wear. So jealous. heehee... I'm not sure those pants would look good on me but who knows!?

    Regina | Margarita Bloom Skincare & Beauty |
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  17. ARGH! I have only just seen this! You look amazing in them! I love the shoe choice - so perfect <3


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