Wednesday, 29 June 2016


ASOS dress /  Catarzi hat via ASOS / ASOS flats ( in black or similar)

Only just realised as I typed that this is a full ASOS look but hey who doesn't love that site for all your holiday needs, especially with free next day delivery! Rather contradictingly, I actually got this dress a while ago now, I spotted it in the sale and it's been patiently sitting in my wardrobe, waiting for the sun to shine warm enough for it's first outing. Didn't look like it was going to happen in the UK anytime soon so I packed it for my holiday. I was prepared for sweltering heat in Budapest but the first day we were there was actually quite pleasant, dare I say I even felt a slight chill in this dress? Anyway I think this is an all round perfect summer dress, lightweight and super flattering with bohemian, Free People-ish vibes. I got a tonne of questions when I snapchatted this outfit on the day so I'm hoping ASOS still have it in stock. One thing though, does anyone else find that they accidentally dip their flared sleeves in an assortment of food and drink throughout the day or is it just because I'm clumsy/always eating? Enlighten me.



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