Wednesday, 1 June 2016


Motel dress / ASOS hat / ASOS shoes

Probably TMI but when I shot these photos, I was suffering from a rather terrible case of conjunctivitis aka pink eye and although I tried to neutralise the colour through editing, looking back I just find it kind of funny that I decided to wear a lot of red and then proceeded to pose against a telephone box installation... I was bringing out the redness in my eyes when I actually wanted the exact opposite. Gross musings aside, this dress popped up on my Instagram feed and it was love at first sight though I would have never guessed it was by Motel. I hardly ever browsed their site as I thought their clothing wasn't really my style but on further inspection, it seems like they're branching out with lots of different designs and prints. I wore this dress to the press night of King John along with my trusty pork pie hat and some chunky sandals I picked up on ASOS as they reminded me of those Dr Martens ones that sold out years ago. I think they strike the perfect balance between cute and comfy which is perfect when you have to commute to special events but don't want to bother with bringing and changing into a different pair of shoes.


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