Sunday, 31 July 2016


Next stop: Copenhagen. After Budapest, the capital of Denmark felt pleasantly cool weather-wise, and this made me even more eager to start exploring the city. First we wandered the vibrant Nyhavn waterfront, which was only a short walking distance from our hotel. Conveniently, the quay is pretty much pedestrianised, with colourful townhouses lining one side and ships on the other. I absolutely adored the cinematography in the film The Danish Girl so my friend and I made a point to check out a few of the locations they filmed in (Nyhavn being one). Frederik's Church (more widely known as The Marble Church) was the next location we took a look at and the final one were the yellow houses of Nyboder where Ben Whishaw's character Henrik lived. Copenhagen felt like a very small city coming straight after Budapest but it's quite a lovely aspect and the atmosphere is just so relaxed. The most popular mode of transport are bikes and it's become such a culture there, I've not seen anything quite like it. The town centre was where I spent a lot of my time (though I had to really convince myself not to go into & Other Stories since we have one in London anyway and my full suitcase just couldn't take any extra temptations) and most of the time I was perfectly content with window shopping as my dad pointed out all the architecture and interior designs of the department stores and such (he's really into that stuff and it's quite different in Copenhagen). We even stumbled into a few furniture shops that basically resembled a Pinterest dream home before we found an entire museum dedicated to it (Designmuseum Danmark). On one of our last days we decided to take a boat tour along the canals and it was sure a speedy way to take in the sights as we were able to cover a lot more ground err, I mean water. We were even able to see the famous Little Mermaid statue even if it was from a bit of a distance. My friend being a self professed soft serve connoisseur, officially announced that a little stall in the city centre made the best ones she'd ever tasted (they do a strawberry and vanilla swirl kind) and eating at one of my favourite restaurant chains, Sticks'n'Sushi, just felt more authentic in Denmark (the amazing staff even passed on a 20% off voucher to use in a London branch). One place that I missed out on visiting was Tivoli. Despite being one of the top recommended places to visit, being an amusement park I mistakenly thought there would be nothing to do except go on the rides, which at my current age, is a prospect I'm not so keen on anymore. It was not till I came home that one of my friends who used to live there told me that it's worth it to go to Tivoli for the atmosphere, scenery, and food alone. Guess I'll just have to make plans for another trip to Copenhagen in the future! Hehe.


Wednesday, 27 July 2016


Warehouse dress / American Apparel hat / Office flats / Daniel Wellington watch*

Being less accustomed to a column/pencil silhouette couldn't stop me from falling head over heels in love with this gingham dress, even if it did mean I had to awkwardly sideways waddle my way up and down any stairs I encountered. With that I've just realised why they also often call this style a wiggle dress, d'oh. I wore this on my last day in Budapest after I had thoroughly explored the city as may be evident by my plastered up feet... I had half a mind to photoshop them out but decided to leave them for authenticity and genuine memories haha.



Sunday, 24 July 2016


Vintage dress via Capsule Vintage / Tabitha Simmons flats / Chloe bag

You might remember this dress from my vintage haul video, it's definitely one of my favourite dresses I own due to its eye-catching rainbow check print, and it was one of the first pieces I packed in my suitcase for my holiday. I've found that I love wearing it even more now that I have blue hair though I must admit I got quite a few stares walking around Budapest in this colourful ensemble. I'd like to think they were of the admiring kind because who (including me) doesn't appreciate a walking rainbow right?


Wednesday, 20 July 2016


Zimmerman dress / ASOS flats / Regal Rose rings (here & here)

Coming across Australian brands in the UK will forever take me back to my childhood. Case in point, dreamy label Zimmerman: I'll always remember walking past their stores and perhaps having a little window shop because I had no means to afford their clothing then. It does give me a feeling of pride to see Aussie designers do so well abroad and though I sometimes miss being able to go into their physical stores, one of the best things about online retailers is how easily accessible everything is. Fast forward to this gorgeous periwinkle blue number, which has the ultimate pride of place in my wardrobe though I don't seem to whip it out enough and that can probably be accounted to the fact that summer days are fleeting in London or that I have an irrational fear of ruining it. I made a point to pack it for my holiday to Budapest though and I'm so glad I did, it was the perfect breezy holiday dress that easily took me from wandering markets to hopping on a cruise. Oh and also David Dawson told me I looked lovely the day I was wearing this dress so that's got to count for something right? Still internally squealing about that one, not gonna lie...



Sunday, 17 July 2016


ASOS dress / Valentino flats

I used to contemplate whether I'd still be able to wear red if I dyed my hair blue as red has always been one of my favourite colours to wear. I often hear girls with pink hair mention that they have had to forego their red lipsticks in fear of clashing but even though I must admit I'm not as keen on the whole red and blue colour combo (can't seem to shake the American flag connotation out of my mind), I'm still a firm believer in just wearing whatever the hell you want. That means I won't be neglecting any of the red dresses I already have in my wardrobe such as this beaut ASOS number nor will I be swapping out red lips anytime soon. On our fourth day in Budapest, I came to the realisation that no amount of dry shampoo or braiding could disguise the state of my unwashed hair so I did something I hadn't done in years... I whacked it up into a bun. As I mentioned before, I always thought my hair to be too long and thick to be able to wrap into a singular, neat looking bun but after a few tries, it seemed to accidentally form this double bun thang that I decided didn't look too odd. Plus wearing my hair up was the perfect way to show off the stunning back detail on this dress. 

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