Sunday, 17 July 2016


ASOS dress / Valentino flats

I used to contemplate whether I'd still be able to wear red if I dyed my hair blue as red has always been one of my favourite colours to wear. I often hear girls with pink hair mention that they have had to forego their red lipsticks in fear of clashing but even though I must admit I'm not as keen on the whole red and blue colour combo (can't seem to shake the American flag connotation out of my mind), I'm still a firm believer in just wearing whatever the hell you want. That means I won't be neglecting any of the red dresses I already have in my wardrobe such as this beaut ASOS number nor will I be swapping out red lips anytime soon. On our fourth day in Budapest, I came to the realisation that no amount of dry shampoo or braiding could disguise the state of my unwashed hair so I did something I hadn't done in years... I whacked it up into a bun. As I mentioned before, I always thought my hair to be too long and thick to be able to wrap into a singular, neat looking bun but after a few tries, it seemed to accidentally form this double bun thang that I decided didn't look too odd. Plus wearing my hair up was the perfect way to show off the stunning back detail on this dress. 


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