Sunday, 21 August 2016


Topshop dress / Vintage hat / Office boots / ASOS necklace / Givenchy bag

My summer style formula will forever be: dress + boots + hat = outfit. The particular items themselves may change or rotate but the structure remains the same. You know I've always been a year round black boot type of gal but it seems like my penchant for rose gold has finally crossed paths with my footwear obsession and given birth to my favourite new boots. This Office pair are utterly perfect, the leather soft and supple, the heel height comfortable and most of all, the colour such a nice alternative to black in the summer time. They're also quite amazing in that they can work as an almost skin tone neutral to pair with bolder colours or prints but the metallic-ness also makes it a statement piece when paired with some simple denim or monochrome ensembles.

Do you have a style formula that you know you can always rely on?




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