Wednesday, 31 August 2016


ASOS dress / & Other Stories shoes / Givenchy bag

I'd admittedly been drawn to the whole laidback aesthetic of pyjamas as daywear for a while but was quite unsure whether I could pull it off. Sure I could take inspiration from all the cool chicks rocking the trend but was worried if I couldn't tell the difference between a new in Topshop blouse and an M&S pyjama top, how would others? Then I spotted this pyjama style dress on ASOS and with the mindset that it could easily be returned, I bit the bullet. I fell in love as soon as I tried it on, it could easily be viewed as a floral dress which gave me the courage to try it out in the first place. I've worn it so many times paired with a biker jacket and boots but this time I decided to further play with the sleepwear vibes and pair it with these & Other Stories slippers. You might remember that I snapchatted them once with the caption 'Yay or nay?' and many of you actually voiced the opinion that they were rather 'fugly' but alas there's a suppressed minimalist scandi-wannabe in me that was determined to own them and rock the hell out of them. Not long after initially leaving & Other Stories empty handed, I walked past an Acne store on the way home and saw pretty much the same pair of slippers sitting in their window display. That was the final nudge I needed and I immediately turned around and retraced my steps back to & Other Stories, walking out with them five minutes later.

Thoughts on the pyjama trend?



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