Wednesday, 14 September 2016


Only my childhood friends know this but I was actually really obsessed with Sailor Moon growing up. In fact, learning to draw in Naoko Takeuchi's style when I was seven years old is what I believe led to the start of my interest in illustration and fine art in general. My older cousin had just handed in her final year project which took the form of a Sailor Moon encyclopedia that she'd meticulously hand-drawn and written all by herself and I remember reading through it and becoming entirely immersed in the magical yet at times quite dark imaginary world. Anywho, background story aside, it was super nostalgic for me when I decided to make the most of my teal hair and do Sailor Neptune as my next cosplay (anything to avoid wearing a hot, itchy wig for an entire weekend convention). Sailor Neptune was always my favourite of the planetary guardians, probably due to the fact that my favourite colour since I was a kid has always been turquoise. I found almost all of the outfit elements on Etsy, except for the shoes, which I conveniently already owned (and have appeared in some older blog posts already if you recall). The makeup was a bit more of a challenge for me since I've never been one to experiment and venture out of my everyday neutral look. I attempted to follow some 'manga eyes' tutorials on YouTube where you fill in the waterline with white eyeliner to give the illusion of larger, doll-like peepers and drew in some bottom lashes with black liquid liner. The eyebrows of course, had to be an entirely different colour so I used a teal eyeliner to fill them in and since my natural brows are quite sparse to begin with, I didn't need to erase them with anything beforehand. The look was finished off with liberal amounts of cool toned pink blush right on the centre of each cheek and a rosey lipstick. 

I had such a blast cosplaying as Sailor Neptune for Hyper Japan and it was coincidentally super comfortable and cool in this outfit as there was a heatwave that weekend. I also got stopped for photos more than I've ever experienced before so that was awesome, thank you so much for the love on this cosplay both in real life and on social media, it really does make my day. I'm definitely getting more into cosplaying now and it seems that since this is going to become a regular thing, I've already got two more characters planned for Halloween and the next Hyper Japan in November. Super excited to show you guys!

Do you cosplay and if you do, what was your last one?


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