Wednesday, 7 September 2016


Primark top / Topshop trousers (similar) / Doc Marten boots / ASOS choker (similar)

Forever dressing as either a princess or a punk, there is no in between for me. Fun fact: The Strokes have been one of my top 5 favourite bands since I was very young (when I lived in Australia I saw them live multiple times and even went to Julian Casablancas' solo tour) but after their 2011 album Angles (which I played to death) I somehow lost interest, and not just to them but in general, I think I just fell in a slump when it came to discovering new music and it felt like too much work on top of how busy life had become. Being a music lover, it kinda shames me to say that but has anyone else ever felt this way? I've gotten to this stage in my life where I hardly find time to leisurely listen to music or read books anymore and I'm so determined to change this because those things used to give me so much joy. Anyway enough of the ramble and moving on to the outfit: I got so much lovely feedback in regards to it when I posted it as an OOTD to my instagram so thank you! It's a little different for me but I snapped these trousers up in the Topshop sale quite a while ago now but had yet to wear them. Thought they'd go perfectly with this tee and my Docs.



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