Wednesday, 30 November 2016


Vintage dress / ASOS heels

Fun fact: we actually took these photos in one of the gardens in Castle Howard (see last travel post) and I packed this extra outfit in my bag and changed in the public restroom there midway through the day. This dress is one of my favourite vintage finds ever and I just knew it deserved a special backdrop.


Sunday, 27 November 2016


Just north of York sits the magnificent Castle Howard, a heritage house I'd dreamt of visiting for the longest time (back when I was still living in Australia in fact) as it was the setting to one of my favourite film adaptations: Brideshead Revisited. Since moving to London and being a whole lot closer to it in general, I'd always made a point to visit but it didn't actually happen until this year when I planned a trip with my friend who lives nearby. Getting there was quite convenient as there's a bus that drives straight to Castle Howard from York station. As soon as we arrived, entry led us into the castle grounds where the gardens surrounding the home are quite expansive and would probably require an entire day alone to explore. We encountered various English landscape gardens and rose gardens, and just making our way to the actual 'castle' from the entrance itself was quite a trek (albeit a highly rewarding one) so I'd definitely recommend your best walking shoes if you come for a visit. We were blessed with the perfect weather too and it was so pleasant just to wander around slowly and soak it in, and of course, take plenty of photos along the way. When we reached the front of the house where the iconic Atlas fountain glistened under the sun, I just couldn't believe my eyes. These beautiful locations that I was already so familiar with from the film looked even more breathtaking in real life. My friend Danielle and I couldn't resist recreating some of the scenes from the movie either haha, and honestly I think we did them justice. 

The house itself is over 300 years old and still kept in pristine condition. I loved walking the long corridor decorated with busts because the sequence in the film where Charles first visits Bridehead and the camera follows them down the same corridor as Sebastian lifts the sheets and uncovers each figurehead is one of my favourites. I felt like I was experiencing the same sense of wonder as Charles in the film. The chapel located inside is an absolute vision to behold in itself with it's high domed ceiling that's been intricately carved and covered in celestial paintings. I may have bumped into more than a few pillars because I couldn't keep my eyes off the sky. All the different rooms are beautifully decorated and furnished just as if people were living in them day to day and I especially fell in love with the grand piano in one of the corridors. The staff member overlooking that section was nice enough to let me tinkle on it and of course I had to play Always Summer from Brideshead Revisited. It was lovely to see how many people there recognised it and the staff member was so touched, he kept thanking me when I should've been thanking him. Unfortunately as we had to catch our bus back to York at a specific time, we missed out on visiting The Temple of the Four Winds but of course that just gives me an excuse to come back in the near future! I had the most magical day there and although I love these photos I took, I feel that they still do not do the castle and gardens justice so I'd definitely recommend visiting if you're around the area or planning a holiday. Plenty more information can be found on their official website.

I'm wearing:
Vintage dress / ASOS hat / ASOS boots

Have you ever been to Castle Howard?


Wednesday, 23 November 2016


ZARA dress (super similar) / ASOS choker / ACNE shoes / Quay Australia sunglasses

This outfit is obviously seasonably inappropriate now but I just realised I hadn't posted these photos from Brighton and thought I'd try to sneak them in before it was too late... okay it is too late but hey, looking back it doesn't even seem like that long ago that heatwave happened in the UK, the change in seasons just came so rapidly I missed my favourite leather jacket weather and went straight from dresses to coats. Or so I tell myself to justify my late posting, or more realistically it was because I did quite a bit of overseas travelling this year and missed the transitions. Anyhow, I really hope you don't mind too much that I still put these up, I do like the photos and would like to keep this blog an accurate documentation of my personal style. I'm sure some of you are from different parts of the world anyway so perhaps it might still be relevant. This outfit was an easy breezy one I wore on my first visit to Brighton (I know, can you believe it? I've been living in London for three years and had never made it down there), where the day was quite overcast but I still ended up returning home with burnt shoulders. Now if that isn't UK weather in a nutshell for you.



Sunday, 20 November 2016


ASOS jumpsuit / Jeffrey Campbell heels / COS necklace (borrowed from mum) / Choies clutch

It was definitely a 'hallelujah' moment when I spotted these Jeffrey Campbell heels on ASOS, I'm almost certain I actually heard angels singing. Firstly it's so great that ASOS now stock JC but the real reason behind my joy was that I'd been coveting those Dior pointed bow tie heels for frickin' ever but they're way out of my budget. These are a damn good dupe even though they're not exact. In fact I prefer these as the heel is lower, blockier, and all round more practical for an uncoordinated human like me. Their first outing came to jazz up this simple yet oh so flattering jumpsuit, which made me feel like the glam version of a ninja as soon as I put it on, hence the title of this outfit post.


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