Wednesday, 2 November 2016


ASOS dress / ASOS choker / ASOS boots

Once upon a time, I went into a salon in Singapore asking for layers and came out with a shaggy mullet. Since then, it's safe to say I've developed a bit of an issue with other people touching my hair so I'm that girl who'll only reluctantly go to the hairdressers once my hair reaches an unmanageable length ie. I keep accidentally sitting on it. Luckily I have since found one hairdresser who I trust with my life and will only go to for the rest of the foreseeable future. That day I felt a tug as my hair inevitably got caught under my tush, I decided to bite the bullet and get an overdue trim but once I was in the salon chair I suddenly had this wild urge just to go much shorter. Keeping in mind my hair does grow at an alarmingly speedy rate, I walked out with half the amount of hair I had before and I loved it. So light. So free.

What about you, are you the type of gal who loves or loathes going to the hairdressers? I'd love to know.




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