Sunday, 6 November 2016


SheIn dress / ASOS flats / ASOS choker

Definitely one from the warmer days but I was so happy to find this dress as it's such a great dupe for that rainbow Chloe dress that I'd been lusting over all summer. Bummed that I only got to wear this once before it got too cold but I'm looking forward to taking it out for a twirl again next year, I think the flowy tent silhouette is just so easy and comfy. Also I've never worn my hair parted like this before but seeing as I'd just had my tragus pierced, I was a little paranoid of it getting caught in my unruly mop and thought this hairstyle would do the trick. I envy those people who can just effortlessly tuck their hair behind one ear and achieve this look because with the amount of hair I have, I had to pin it into place and then whip out the extra strong hold hairspray. On the subject of my tragus, this is actually the first cartilage piercing I've acquired and despite listening to everyone's experiences (and sometimes horror stories eeep), I was so surprised and pleased that mine healed in what seemed like a record-breaking space of a week. I thought I had really sensitive skin too because even my second lobe piercing bruised like crazy and didn't properly heal for over a month! I don't know whether this was just a fluke or if I have dead unresponsive cartilage but this just makes me want more piercings asap!



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