Tuesday, 5 January 2016


UNIF jumper / Black Milk leggings / Nike trainers / Choies sunglasses / Topshop phone case

This has been my go-to outfit for running errands lately (though I more often than not switch out the lace up leggings for plain black ones if I'm just off to the post office or somewhere like that, haha). I realise now that this jumper keeps selling out everywhere (UPDATE: IT'S BACK IN STOCK, GO GO GO) and I guess it's reasonable since it's just so darn cute. It's a great mix of casual and cool and perfect for when you want to make an impression without going full out in-your-face statement. UNIF do come out with similar style knits every collection though so it's worth keeping an eye on their site (or ASOS, since they've started to stock UNIF, yay)! The weather has gone back to being cold and rainy this week (are we getting a delayed winter?) so it looks like I'll be living in this jumper for just a little while longer...

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