Sunday, 14 February 2016


I'd been dying to try out the UK's first cereal cafe for a while now, when my friend first alerted me to it's presence, I was certain that all my childhood dreams had come true. Located on Brick Lane, Cereal Killer Cafe boasts over 120 types of cereal, most of which you can't find regularly in the UK. In addition to this, you can customise your perfect bowl with 30 different flavours of milk and 20 different toppings or if you (like me) have trouble deciding when there's too much choice, pick from their menu of 'cereal cocktails' which have special combinations all curated for you.

The atmosphere is cluttered yet cozy, a colourful mosaic of cereal boxes line shelves along the walls, giving you plenty of eye candy as you queue for the counter service. The lovely staff take your order and payment, make up your cereal and place everything on a tray for you to take to your table. There's no space on the top floor when we arrive but it turns out they have more tables downstairs. For my first cereal cafe experience, I ended up going for a concoction aptly named 'Unicorn Poop', which consisted of: ricicles, party rings, marshmallow fluff, marshmallows, hundreds and thousands, and semi skimmed milk. My friend Danielle chose Sticky Monkey (toffee crisp cereal, chopped banana, whipped cream, crushed digestive biscuits, toffee sauce, banana milk), and Emily went for Double Rainbow (froot loops, fruity pebbles, freeze dried marshmallows, strawberry milk). Also since Emily is lactose intolerant she asked for almond strawberry milk, which they were more than happy to provide. Lastly, Winkey completely customised hers with Berry Cap'n Crunch she spotted on the display shelf, white chocolate milk and white choc pieces.

The verdict? Divinely delicious yet borderline diabetic. I loved my bowl of cereal and demolished it long before it lost it's crunchiness but personally I don't have much of a sweet tooth so I could only see myself indulging in this as a dessert once in a while. A complete round of approval and empty bowls from my friends too. Cereal Killer is definitely a cool, novelty cafe to take your friends and family to if you prefer your candy in all-day breakfast form.

Have you ever been to a cereal cafe?
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