Little Shilpa's latest collection, Satellite 20.16, is the dreamiest concoction of pastel hues, slouchy silhouettes and floaty lace accents. Sportswear vibes are apparent (loving the choice of footwear here) and contrasted with the feminine lace, which are cut and sewn in a raw and organic fashion which along with the gravity defying headpieces, give a completely other-worldly feel. In addition to the lace, coordinating jumpers and skirts are constructed in a patchwork of fluffy and stiffer materials, finished with glittery lurex trims, which result in a feast of textures. It's not something I would have expected from an Autumn/Winter release but not gonna lie, I am low-key obsessed with this collection and I can totally get down with wearing pastels in the winter!

All photographs were taken by me. Please credit and link back to this blog if you use them.