Saturday, 5 March 2016


Ethologie's AW16 collection is all rock and roll baby. The cream chunky knit has been given a new form with interesting lines and contrasting patterns, and then further emblazoned with leather accents and glitter counterparts. Models' hair are crimped and tousled to the heavens and wearing sunglasses indoors is the new norm. Despite a fantastic show, I must express a bit of dismay at the event organisers. I hate to complain but the venue was obviously packed over capacity, resulting in people with invitations cramped into the walls behind everyone and not being able to see anything. Others at the end of the line almost didn't even make it into the room. I don't know what went wrong but it was an absolute nightmare trying to get pictures when I couldn't even move my arms to work my camera as we were all standing like sardines in a can and I was quite disappointed.Not to end on a bitter note though as overall I had yet another fantastic season at LFW. Looking forward to September now!

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