Wednesday, 30 March 2016


I picked this set up on a whim during a scheduled Boots run (you know how it goes, you go in for one specific thing and come out with a million others), I was totally drawn in by the cute cylindrical packaging before realising all four shades were totally up my alley. I'd never tried Ciaté nail varnishes before... I'm not really fussy when it comes to polishes, I don't have a favourite brand or formulation but good staying power is very important to me. I definitely do not want a paint job to start chipping on me as soon as I wash the dishes or play the piano. To my delight, these polishes are pretty amazing. They go on smoothly with a brush that's the perfect size and shape for nails so I felt it made painting incredibly quick and easy, plus the shades are pretty much opaque with two coats. However, my favourite part about them is their formidable staying power, mine have only started to chip just as it hit the two week mark which if I say so myself, is pretty damn impressive (I used the Ciaté Speed Top Coat over it). On top of this, I adore all four shades (they're also available individually and if I had to pick a fave it would be the navy), I think they're all great year round colours and very elegant, which I wouldn't expect any less from the ever so classy Miss Palermo. The set retails for £25 at Boots containing four mini 5ml Ciaté bottles or £17 for each individual 13.5ml bottle.
Have you tried Ciaté polishes before?


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