Wednesday, 8 June 2016


Black Milk dress / Vintage blouse / ASOS brogues

I hadn't planned on cosplaying for Wales Comic Con but I definitely wanted to wear something Game of Thrones themed on the first day as I was going to take photos with quite a few cast members from the show. I settled for this Black Milk dress with a map of Westeros printed on it, and it was totally unplanned but it almost matched my hair perfectly (I was praying that the photo op background wouldn't be blue lest I completely disappear into it haha), and layered it over a vintage blouse I had found a couple of days earlier for £2. I especially love the double collar detail, it's a lovely take on the basic white blouse so I'm sure it will become a new staple in my wardrobe. Shoe-wise I stuck with my brown brogues as they always go well with more vintage style outfits plus they're really comfy for walking around all day, which you're sure to be doing when you're at a con.

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