Wednesday, 15 June 2016


My first visit to Wales for Comic Con lasted an entire weekend which meant that I had to stay overnight of course. As I mentioned previously, this was the first time I had ever traveled with my dog ​​so we were searching for dog-friendly acommodation when we found the Grosvenor Pulford Hotel. I don't actually think that it has any affiliation with the fancy hotel in Mayfair despite it's shared name. It's located on the outskirts of Cheshire and about a 15 minute drive from Wrexham where Comic Con was held. The area is quite rural and the hotel resembles more of a cottage from it's facade, and it's surrounded by a beautiful landscaped garden. I fell in love with the interior design as soon as we stepped in the lobby, the style evoked a nice balance between coziness and quirkiness. The hotel is quite small but it's very light which I think is always the key to making buildings feel more open, and space (even it it's just an illusion) is always a luxury when it comes to a living area.

There were three of us sharing a room, plus Fischer, and when we made our way upstairs to the hotel room, I was pleased to see that along with an extra sofa bed in the twin room, they'd laid out a dog bed, a bowl of water and some biscuits which I thought was a sweet touch. I was initially nervous to see how Fischer would behave in a completely alien new place but it all worked out fine, he was quite excited at first and spent a good half hour jumping on all the beds before he knackered himself out and fell asleep on the floor. I was surprised that he also loved the biscuits they provided as he's normally quite a fussy eater. We decided to order room service for dinner as we were all pretty exhausted after a whole day at Comic Con and the food was absolutely delicious though the serving sizes were rather large and we could've benefited from sharing a dish instead of wasting what we could not finish. The bathroom was sufficiently roomy and there was a nice mirror with a ring light which is the handiest if you like to apply makeup. There's also a TV but we didn't really utilize it as we fell straight asleep that night. To top off the totally grandma-ish routine, we also finished all the complimentary tea and biscuits left on top of our mini bar before bed.

The next morning, I managed a quick walk through their garden (and took some shots outfit of course) before heading for Comic Con and then straight on my train back to London. I definitely understand why it's a popular wedding venue, it's so gorgeous and quite peaceful. Though our stay was short and sweet, it was definitely memorable and I'd really love to come back again to stay with Fischer some day and perhaps to even bring my parents next time as it seems like the perfect location for a family vacation.

Have you ever visited Wales before? If so, where did you stay?

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