Sunday, 26 June 2016


As you might already know if you follow me on any of my social media, I recently returned from a two week long vacation. Our first destination was Budapest, Hungary. I feel like the city has been such a popular holiday destination amongst bloggers recently, which I find quite coincidental and funny because my family and I have had the trip planned for a while now. My dad has always harboured a keen interest in architecture of all sorts so as none of us had ever visited Hungary before, beautiful Budapest with it's art noveau style buildings was a no-brainer as our first destination of choice.

I'm incapable of putting into words just how amazing this trip was for me so I think I'm just going to let these photos do the talking. I'm adamant that it was the best holiday I've ever been on though my mum jokes that this opinion is invalid because I hardly ever go on vacations and therefore don't have much to compare it to, haha. Hopefully you can see from these photos that I took, just how stunning the city is. One thing I learned was that Budapest is actually split into two sides by the Danube River, the western, older side is Buda, whilst the eastern, newer side is called Pest. Pretty cool huh? We basically chose to walk everywhere and each turn just revealed even more that took my breath away. Whilst we stayed in central Budapest, we also did a little road trip exploration around the countryside and visited villages such as Tihany and Etyek. On top of soaking in all the beautiful scenery, we got to sample some delicious cuisine: I tried goulash for the first time (definitely got a big thumbs up) and also visited Gelarto Rosa, which is famed to be the best icecream place in Budapest and boasted flavours such as white chocolate lavender and chai ginger tea. And of course as you might have seen, I met some amazing people (David Dawson, Margot Robbie, Max Irons, Jourdan Dunn, Simon Pegg... Brits in Budapest much?) so it just all added up to be the most unforgettable trip ever! The weather was lovely the entire week we were there too so I'm looking forward to showing you the outfits I wore in posts following this.

Have you ever been to Budapest before? x

All photos were taken by me, please do not pinch them without crediting back to this blog.

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