Wednesday, 24 August 2016


Those of you who follow me on social media may know of my son, Fischer. If you haven't had the pleasure then let me introduce you to this ball of fluff. Fischer is a three year old Yorkshire terrier who I've had since he was born. He looks deceivingly coy and cute but is actually quite a rascal. Regardless, he is the apple of my eye and I spoil him quite unnecessarily. When Pawsomebox reached out to us with an offer to try out their July box*, Fischer and I were both excited and curious in the same measure. Pawsomebox is basically a subscription service for your beloved canines. Each month they pack together a box filled with six products specially catered to your individual pup's needs (you fill out your dog's profile on their site). There's a mixture of toys, treats and accessories to unbox and best of all, you get £40 or more worth of products for under £20 which is quite a fantastic saving if you ask me.

The July box we received included the following: 
1 Duvo chicken fillet
1 travelling cooling bowl
3 Happy Pet squeaky tennis balls
1 packet of Good Boy chicken flavour packed parcels
1 latex hippo toy
1 pet lint roller
1 packet of IAMS Minis in beef and apple flavour.

As soon as I opened the box, Fischer dove in and went straight for the cute little Hippo toy. This is the type that has a little squeaker inside which usually gets Fischer even more excited whilst driving everyone else up the wall. He has the unfortunate habit of storing it in a 'safe' place once he's done playing but later forgetting exactly where he's hidden it. Silly pup. Still it seems this gets four paws up from Fischer, he hasn't gotten bored of it yet. Now, when it comes to food and treats, Fischer is quite fussy so I don't normally branch out from his favourites (Lily's Kitchen dog food). There have been too many instances when I've thought to treat him with a particularly delicious looking packet of doggy biscuits I've spotted whilst doing groceries only to have him spit it out within a second of tasting it. This is why I was quite shocked and surprised when he positively swallowed both a piece of the chicken parcels and the IAMS minis and sat down to beg for more. Furthermore I gave him BBQ chicken fillet for dinner and there was no trace of that left either. Lastly, the cooling bowl is a food or water bowl that has liquid throughout the inside and I think this is just perfect for the summer heat now and the lint roller... well that's definitely a failsafe gift for me and all pet owners alike!

For our first Pawsome box, I'm seriously impressed. Fischer literally loved everything we unboxed this month and I honestly wasn't expecting that because he's quite picky and just does what he wants most of the time. Whether this was a July fluke or whether the team had really thought it out and catered perfectly to my individual dog's needs remains to be seen but at this rate, I'd definitely be interested to try another box.

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