Wednesday, 28 September 2016


After witnessing first hand how much of a hit the first Pawsome box Fischer (my Yorkie) tried was, I was super excited to check out another month's and be surprised with a new collection of goodies for him. If you didn't already know or catch my first unboxing, Pawsome box is basically a monthly subscription service for your dogs (I go into more detail in this blog post) and the lovely folk there were generous enough to send us over September's box* which included:

1 toy cap
1 packet Kelp Care Sprinkles
1 packet of Trixie Sushi Bites
1 packet of Fish & Cheese Mini Bites
1 tyre tug toy
1 dog brush

Let's cover the edible items first. I've mentioned before that Fischer is quite a fussy eater so I was pleasantly surprised when he loved absolutely every treat given in the last box. Unfortunately the streak ended here as this month's 'Sushi Bites' (which were basically dried fish pieces) did not appeal to him at all. That being said, he did devour the fish and cheese Mini Bites so it was not all a losing situation. Last but not least in the nutritive realm we had the Kelp Care Sprinkles which came with a handy measuring spoon inside and a guide to the amount to intake depending on the size of your dog. The sprinkles looked and smelled like dried seaweed but once poured over Fischer's dinner, he didn't mind them at all and finished his bowl like usual. Apparently this kelp mixture helps to boost dogs' immune systems and is a good source of pre-biotics for digestion and a healthy skin and coat, so we'll have to see how this works in the long run. 

The chew toy in the shape of a cap was a bit of a strange concept to behold at first (why a hat out of all things) and the size and half dome made it a little bit difficult for him to pick up. Once he got familiar with it though, he was straight to running around with it in his mouth, and is even now currently playing with it as I type this. Fischer is quite easy to please with rubber or plastic toys but does tend to get bored of a particular one quickly so it's always handy to have a few to switch around. Moving on to the tug-o-war toy, which is usually always a winner with dogs so no exception for Fischer here (this tiny rascal gives quite a good fight actually). The quality of it seems good and the rope strong so hopefully this will stand the test of time (and teeth), especially with larger dogs as well. The final item is a brush with thin, bent metal bristles. I'm not sure of the exact science behind the bristles but it does run through Fischer's thick coat quite easily whilst detangling efficiently. He has quite thick and fluffy fur compared to other Yorkie's so regular brushes will usually get caught and make him feel uncomfortable (that is a yawn of contentment in the above photo). We were previously using a Tangle Teezer on him but this one feels like the bristles are able to reach deeper into his fur so no spots are missed.

So a bit of a miss on the food this month but overall everything else was great!
Have you tried out Pawsome Box or a similar pet subscription box before?

*September box has been sent free of charge courtesy of Pawsome Box but all opinions and love of animals are my own.

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