Sunday, 30 October 2016


Happy Halloween Puddins! So excited to share these photos with you all because I think this may be my favourite cosplay to date! I'd been planning this for a while but once I finally got everything together, there was no foreseeable convention on the horizon but it's Halloween. I know everyone jokes that Harley Quinn will be everyone's Halloween costume this year but I don't mind the coincidence, I love cosplaying my favourite characters and since Harley is very dear to me, I knew I wanted to try her out this year. There are a number of reasons why this turned out to be my favourite cosplay. Number one: it's so much fun to actually smile for photos! I never usually do but chanelling Harley's carefree and mischievous side was a welcome change. Who knows, I may just smile more often now. Number two: I never thought I'd ever wear hot pants, let alone feel confident enough to go out in public in them but I smashed through my fear. And in the end, I felt like I looked pretty good! Last but not least, Suicide Squad Extended Cut DVD is coming out next month and as if I wasn't excited enough before, dressing up as Margot Robbie's Harley has got it bubbling up to a fever pitch. 

Okay, so now let's break down this cosplay: the bomber jacket and shorts I've actually had for a while, when Black Milk released their Suicide Squad collection, I did that thing where I panic bought almost everything because of how limited Black Milk pieces usually are and how quickly they sell out. I didn't even manage to get my correct size in the jacket but luckily it still fits alright. I'd been keeping an eye on Ebay for her accessories (belt, cuffs, bat etc.) but unfortunately wasn't too sold on the product images and the fact that most of them were shipping from China. I ended up getting the accessories off this site as recommended by the most amazing cosplayer Laura Gilbert (Infamous Harley Quinn) and was super impressed by the quality of all their items. The bat and Daddy's Lil Monster top I sourced off Etsy, and for shoes I went with this old pair from Topshop that aren't the most accurate but honestly my calves would kill me if I attempted to squeeze them into a replica from the film's Jeremy Scott pair. Oh and of course, gotta talk about this wig! A good quality wig can be quite pricey sometimes but I think it's really key to a successful cosplay. I got this one from Etsy seller PungoPungo, from whom I previously got my red wig for Jean Grey. Most of their wigs have a lace front which makes them the most realistic along the hairline. Unfortunately a small detail I missed was Harley's blue and red hair cones as I tied this wig's pigtails by myself and couldn't find a pair in time. For the makeup, I basically did the exact same thing as detailed in this blog post.

What will you be for Halloween? Feel free to also link me to a photo down in the comments below because I'd love to see your sassy looks. My next cosplay will be for Hyper Japan in November so do keep an eye out for that, I'm so looking forward to it!

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