Wednesday, 1 February 2017


I come across pictures of this neon haven every time I log onto Instagram. Artsy snaps from the bloggers I follow versus brands using it as a backdrop for their grungey photoshoots. It wasn't until my friend brought it up that I realised I should plan a trip there myself and experience this multicoloured madness in the flesh. God's Own Junkyard is basically a gallery of neon signs. Located in East London, the hypnotising collection is owned and curated by Chris Bracey, featuring an eclectic mix of vintage and newer signs, many even created by the man himself, using materials he finds. The space is simply a warehouse but around the back there are places to sit and a little coffee shop tucked away in the corner, perfect for a little tea and scone break. That's exactly what we did too, after I met up with Holly and Summer at the address and we took our time wandering around the place and taking photos.

Kenzo x H&M jumper / Topshop jeans / ASOS boots

I can definitely see the allure of a place like this, I've experienced anything quite like it. It's almost as if you've stepped into another dimension for a brief period of time. Although the low light meant that it was a bit more of a struggle for an amateur photographer like me to get a decent shot, it's worth it just for that unique atmosphere to immerse yourself in. Opening times and more information on their website here.


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