Wednesday, 15 March 2017


H&M x Kenzo jumper / Very skirt* (similar) / Zara boots (similar)

I do love a good colour block! Don't think I've ever paired these two colours before but when I was thinking of what else I could possibly wear with my bright orange Kenzo jumper besides black or blue jeans, my eyes just so happened to land on this green pleated midi I had picked out at a Very event a while ago, so bless my past self for deciding to hang this skirt at the front of my closet (or the reality that my closet just had no more space left, I was forced to hang it outside *nervous laughter*). Anyway now I'm thinking I'll consider this colour combo more often. I finished off the look with these Zara boots that reminded me of the Louis Vuitton ones albeit with a much more manageable heel height.


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