Sunday, 23 April 2017


Lost Ink cardigan via ASOS / Bodhi Rook t-shirt / Gucci belt / ASOS jeans / Gucci loafers / ASOS glasses / M&S beret

So I’ve witnessed the resurgence of the beret amongst bloggers but it wasn’t until I was hit hard by a severe case of root regrowth, were my eyes fully opened to its perfect style and versatility. Of course a beret will add that sure fire Parisian chic touch to any outfit but listen to this: when you need to hide your roots with a hat, a beanie might sometimes be too warm whilst a hat with a brim like a fedora or bowler can sometimes cover your face or obscure your vision in certain situations. What you need is a type of hat that falls somewhere in between, and that is where the beret comes in. After perusing this first black one so much, I have now also added a navy and a red one to the mix. This is one of my go-to casual weekend looks: a t-shirt (usually with Bodhi in some form on it), high waisted jeans (my favourites are the ASOS Farleighs, I own them in several different washes now), a loose chunky cardigan that’s perfect for London spring, and a pair of loafers.




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