Sunday, 9 April 2017


Gucci tee / Primark coat / Urban Outfitters trousers / Public Desire shoes / ASOS glasses

After coveting one for ages, I bit the bullet and got a Gucci t-shirt. My first designer tee purchase has left me with the conclusion that they must've woven it with silk, clouds, baby skin and all manner of things soft and magical (ok the baby skin image was terrifying, I apologise but you get the gist). There's also a cute little embroidered detail at the back of the neck but is it really worth the price for what's ultimately just a white tee? I'm not sure yet really, will have to see if I can get the cost per wear down on this. For it's first outing, I styled it with some super comfy velvet culottes and a Primark coat, both of which were super bargainous. I love mixing designer with high street.

Anyway, I'm off to Japan today for a family holiday! I've never been there during sakura season so I'm really looking forward to seeing all the beautiful blooms. Not sure exactly what we'll get up to there but I'm going to try to vlog the trip for my youtube channel, so look out for that and of course I'll be regularly updating snapchat and instagram. See you on the flipside!




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