Sunday, 2 July 2017


Topshop dress / Vintage hat / Lolita bag (gift from friend)/ ASOS boots / ASOS necklace

Dreadful puns aside, wrap dresses are definitely having a moment right now thanks to Realisation Par and the likes of Alexa Chung and Bella Hadid, so a lot of my summer wardrobe updates this year have consisted of several variations of this style. I had never been one for lower necklines as I'm not exactly super blessed in the chest department but after a brief foray, I've realised that this wrap around style is pretty flattering on most body types. The one element I love most about the wrap style is that you can fully adjust it's width across the waist and hip area ensuring a perfect fit. One consequence to this feature is that there is the possibility that the skirt flaps open in the English wind but just wear some cycle shorts (I tend to wear them under most of my dresses anyway, I've learnt the hard way from several unfortunate flashing incidents). As I mentioned in my spring dress haul, I quite like the look of these dresses with boots and hats to offset the girliness. Whilst this time I decided to play up the earthy tones in the floral print with my accessories, I think this dress would look equally awesome with some chunky black combat boots and oversized fishnets too. I'll also link some of the other wrap dresses I currently own as well as the ones that are still on my wishlist.


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