Sunday, 27 August 2017


It was some time during editing this set of photos, that I realised I'd worn blue denim jeans in my last five outfit posts. Which may seem nothing out of the ordinary to some but for little ol' me, it's almost downright miraculous. A lot of my real life friends are gobsmacked as I've spent a good chunk of my teens to early twenties moaning about the inaccessibility of a good fitting pair of denim jeans for curvier girls. No, I don't want flimsy jeggings that are guaranteed to stretch over 'plus-sized' thighs and tush, I want real quality, tailored denim to suit more figures. I remember a school friend of mine with her bestie when someone jokingly asked "So, who wears the pants in this relationship?" and she immediately pointed to her friend and said, "Zoe, because I look fat in pants." She was a size 10 at the most so why did she and so many other girls including me feel this way? Having to resort to skirts and dresses to define our style when sometimes all we wanted was a casual pair of jeans to run around in without the risk of flashing anyone. Looking back, perhaps my heavily vintage inspired style growing up was dictated by my inability to wear jeans or more accurately, to find a pair that fit me right. Whilst I was filming my style evolution video (which I still haven't finished editing and I've no legitimate excuse as to why it's taking so long), I definitely noticed the almost abrupt change in my style as I started discovering that I could wear jeans and look good in them... it was all down to finding a pair to suit my figure. Luckily, styles of jeans have branched out from your typical skinny leg, straight leg, boot cut etc. and this fact combined with inspiration from other bloggers (especially Megan Ellaby & Lizzy Hadfield for me), as well as being presented with bloggers of different shapes and sizes modelling different pairs of jeans, means that I've been able to experiment and find particular styles and fits that I've come to love and rely on for my denim fix. 

My favourite tried and trusted style are the ASOS Farleighs which have been featured in 99% of my outfit posts that have consistedof jeans. They're a slim mom jean style and ASOS do them in tonnes of different washes and even some with fun details such as embellishments, fringing, or rips. As you've seen them a gazillion times before on this blog, today I want to introduce you to my latest love affair: Topshop's wide leg jeans. These bleach light wash ones were my first pair and now I own three more washes because I'm actually obsessed. I'd eventually like to collect every single wash and colour that Topshop would like to offer. I think the wide leg almost appears like a straight leg on curvier pins. If you love the look of the Levi 501s but they don't fit right on you then these babies might be the ones for you. They're much more high waisted and fit over my sizeable behind without too much gaping around the back of the waist. There's hardly any stretch to them and the denim material is quite thick which I think is super flattering as it sucks in any unwanted flab. Today I've styled it with this absolutely stunning guipure lace top I snapped up in the last Self Portrait sale, my Glamorous baker boy cap that I also own in navy and yes, once again, my rose gold Stella McCartney platforms that apparently refuse to leave my feet on their own accord. Last but not least, this ASOS hand bag with the gold hoop is a straight up dupe of the Chloe one and I'm super impressed with it for the £20 price tag! You can carry it like I'm doing here but it also comes with a long strap to wear it cross body and the hoop stays up as decoration. I'm quite surprised it hasn't sold out already to be honest. All in all, this is one of my favourite outfits I've put together in while, I felt amazing in it. Anyway, do check out Topshop's wide leg jeans if you haven't already, and let me know what you think of them! I've got my eye on the pale pink pair next.

Self Portrait top / Topshop jeans / ASOS bag / Glamorous hat / Stella McCartney shoes


Wednesday, 23 August 2017


A Prince of Wales check blazer has definitely emerged as the "It Blazer" during this wishy-washy period of summer and is set to continue it's streak well into autumn. Not working in an office with a strict dress code means that I often forget the chic sartorial edge throwing on a blazer can immediately lend to an ensemble, it's a refreshing change of outerwear to my usual choice of cardigan or leather jacket. For me, the easiest way to style a blazer day to day is to wear it over a casual outfit such as a simple jeans and t-shirt combo, to steer it away from looking too "business woman". I've even seen other girls elevate it to nighttime over a strappy LBD so it really is quite a versatile piece. I've gotta talk about this slogan tee, which I pulled out of my stash as I was looking for a plain white tee (that I apparently never had as I am the worst when it comes to basics). It's pretty tongue in cheek and I was surprised to have been stopped by not one, not two, but three strangers – and here's the thing, they all seemed over the age of 55! Not that there's anything wrong with that but I was just taken aback by this demographic, one man even did a double take as he walked past and asked if he could read my shirt! I felt like I was offending these baby boomers too as they squinted at my chest. Soz. Last but not least, these boots! As someone with wide feet, I really appreciate that ASOS are expanding their 'wide fit' range of shoes. These bright red boots make a real statement and have once again proven that I can't resist a good Western style buckle detail. The Chloe Susanna should be quaking, there's a brand new buckle boot in town, yee-haw.

ASOS blazer (sold out but similar) / Drop Dead t-shirt / ASOS jeans / ASOS boots


Sunday, 20 August 2017


Gosh my roots have grown out so much that I may have to start pulling off an ombre look (a very badly done one to say the least). I've been trying to get rid of this blue without using any bleach but it's being pretty stubborn. This is probably the extent I can fade it out so I'm going to just have to try and dye my next colour over it and pray it doesn't turn out a funky shade. Has anyone had any experience dying a warm shade like red or pink over a cool colour like blue or green? I'm no expert to the colour wheel when it comes to hair dyes. Anyway, hair woes aside, I've been digging this style of tie-front top. I'm not sure which brand pioneered the design but ASOS stock this style in a myriad of different prints and colours now (I'll link them all below). It's so great to throw over high-waisted jeans, especially if you're pear-shaped like me, the slightly cropped length is super flattering and it's a tad longer at the back to hide the dreaded jeans gape. Despite how it may appear, you can wear pretty much wear any type of bra with it too as the bow ties hide everything. So yes, I'm officially declaring this the "summer top of 2017"... for what may be left of summer anyway. I've had this Zara bag for over a year now (they came out with it just after Prada launched their blingy straps, kudos Zara) but have hardly worn it because it's so tiny... now that I own an iPhone 7 plus, I can barely fit that in! It's like a freaking game of tetris every single time I need to fish something in or out of the bag... and since I've exhausted every single topic about every single item of this outfit, let's talk about these gorgeous earrings. I wasn't aware of jewellery brand Kestan until I heard one of my favourite youtubers Mei, was doing a collab with them and I proceeded to order a couple of items from their collection including these silver earrings and two other chokers that I'm absolutely smitten with. I love everything about Mei's aesthetic and though I could never dream of being as cool as her, I'm super impressed with this collection and have been eyeing up some other Kestan pieces, very pleased to have been introduced to this brand in general.

ASOS tie front blouse / ASOS jeans / Zara bag (old) / Castaner wedges / Kestan x Mei earrings


Wednesday, 16 August 2017


Not gonna lie, when I first saw the likes of Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid wearing corsets over baggy tees, button-up shirts, slips etc I thought it looked utterly ridiculous. I never really got on board with the whole "slip dresses and nightwear layered over tees grungey 90s" look either however there was a certain appeal to me with the first trend cinching in the waist, I'll always gravitate towards that silhouette. Many high street brands such as Topshop and Zara are doing this whole integrated corset detail into their clothing like on tops and dresses so it's completely fuss free whilst you can still achieve that super cool laced up look. Plus most of the sewn in corsets are just fabric without the boning so it's not too much of an inconvenience to sit in them or even eat with them on (though I would suggest loosening up the laces a little). I love this little white dress version from Zara with it's exaggerated puff sleeves which emphasises the illusion of an even smaller waist, such a great summer piece to just throw on. I matched the navy corset with one of my baker boy caps (I have these in a few colours now, they've been handy to hide my roots as I've been trying to decide what to do with my hair next) and am once again in my rose gold Stella McCartney platforms which have barely left my feet since I got them. I've a feeling they'll have a recurring guest spot on this blog.

Zara dress / Glamorous baker boy cap / Stella McCartney shoes / Daniel Wellington watch*



Sunday, 13 August 2017


Oh, but where has the summer gone? I've really been trying not to complain about the complete turnaround in weather because a) this is England and b) I've never been a summer person anyway. Regardless, it would be nice if it weren't so darn soggy all the time. Cooler weather without the rain would be fab, thanks.  I almost forgot I shot photos of this outfit as I also filmed a YouTube video that day and when I uploaded it, felt like it was all done and dusted if you know what I mean. I was majorly into this ensemble when it was a tad warmer, the combination of the flirty, feminine silhouette of this & Other Stories top in contrast with light wash denim was just perfect in my opinion and finishing the look with some Converse high tops made me feel like some retro milkshake lady haha. 

& Other Stories top / ASOS jeans  / Chloe sunglasses / Converse trainers


Wednesday, 9 August 2017


I can't believe I haven't written a theatre post since March (and even then that was a sponsored one). I think that was part of the problem really, I fell out of love with writing about plays because I had a specific obligation to review them and however much I enjoyed watching them, don't get me wrong, and I'll never stop being grateful for any opportunity to experience more shows, it inevitably became a much more methodical process for me instead of emotional. After returning from my trip to Japan, I took a break from seeing anything for a while. I knew from the fact that watching Andrew Scott's acclaimed rendition of Hamlet only resulted in extreme fatigue and a sore behind in my case, somehow and somewhere along the way, the magic of theatre had been lost to me and that thought was extremely devastating. So I stopped going. I took a break. It's been a good few months now, and last night I came home from seeing The Ferryman at Gielgud theatre when I felt that long buried yet still all too familiar urge to talk about it – to write about it. About what I'd just seen, experienced, and most importantly: felt.

To begin with, why The Ferryman out of the other plays that are currently on, you may ask? Well, earlier on in the year when the play was on at the Royal Court Theatre, someone mentioned that David Dawson was in the audience one night and you're naturally inclined to favour your favourite actor's choices right? If that wasn't enough, The Ferryman then went on to become the fastest-selling play in the history of the Royal Court and consequently transferred to the Gielgud theatre in the West End. Oh and did I mention, the cast include's Dunkirk's own Peter Dawson aka Tom Glynn-Carney? Your gal is just a teensy bit obsessed with that film at the moment. I was already quite familiar with Jez Butterworth's Mojo having previously watched it's 2013 revival at the Harold Pinter Theatre with Ben Whishaw, Rupert Grint, Colin Morgan, and Daniel Mays, and also the 1997 film version with Aidan Gillen and Andy Serkis. The Ferryman definitely feels like a Jez Butterworth play through and through though I did prefer it to Mojo. For example, the whole political gang theme is back this time in the form of the IRA, but I found this play to be so much more dimensional and full of heart. 

The Ferryman takes place in the Carney household in rural Ireland, 1981, their large family (and I mean like, eight children level of large, wheww) busy in preparation for the yearly harvest. For starters, the ensemble cast is outstanding, I was especially impressed by the child actors in this play, in a constant flurry of activity and dialogue, I often wondered how they're able to remember their cues. There's even a real newborn baby on the stage a couple of times and he is so well-behaved, it's mind boggling. Some live animals make an appearance too, in fact just a few days ago I happened to hop on the tube with the goose who was on the way with it's owner to the matinee show. I've never been so starstruck in my life, haha. What starts off as a light-hearted and entertaining peek into their family dynamics is turned upside down with the news that one of their long-lost relatives has been found dead. Of course, problems start snowballing after this revelation and discourse breaks through the previously happy family. 

An interesting paradox that this play brought up is how ever-present in other people's lives a missing person can be. Also how human beings naturally long for closure even though the process usually only inevitably brings about more pain and suffering. The loss effects each family member differently and each cast member plays it to devastating effect. Paddy Considine (who I'd previously only seen on Peaky Blinders as a villain and is miles away from that role here) delivers a powerhouse performance as the father and head of the family, Quinn Carney (I can't believe that this is his stage debut, wow). Laura Donnelly (Outlander) and Genevieve O'Reilly (Rogue One) play the two central female characters whose roles I really can't talk about without spoiling anything but it was truly amazing what they did with them. Together with Paddy they explore the tragedy of unspoken love, an issue amplified in different ways by the strong supporting cast. For such a large cast, it's brilliant how important and impactful each character's role is. I mentioned the younger actors so it would be rude not to divulge a little about Tom Glynn-Carney's performance. Without any spoilers about his role in the story, he is a stand-out, striking and all swagger, a ticking time bomb that had me holding my breath.

I walked out of Gielgud Theatre that night with a renewed sense of marvel at smart writing and brilliant actors, The Ferryman has knocked off Angels in America as my favourite play I've seen this year. Running for over three hours with two intervals, it's a lengthy play though I did not once feel it at all which is a huge feat in my eyes as I'm usually quite a restless viewer. Their run has just been extended till January 2018 due to demand so there really is no excuse for you to miss this fantastic production. Buy, beg, borrow, steal a ticket. Go go go.

Tickets and more info can be found here.


Sunday, 6 August 2017


To be honest I thought this look was teetering on the border of clown-like for me despite just being another tee and jeans combo if you put it that way... regardless I had all these statement pieces in my wardrobe and I decided to be brave one day and just wear them all at once. Uh huh. Do you think I pulled it off? I invested in these Stella McCartney platforms a while ago now after I'd worn my Public Desire dupes to the ground and I have been absolutely loving them. They're a little heavy after an entire day out (probably a good calf workout on its own) but I'm happy to say I survived a severely rainy day in them meaning they're pretty waterproof and the sole has good traction. My eyes immediately gravitate to anything rainbow so this ASOS tee went straight into my basket. I wore it to Pride but it's just such a fun, happy piece to have in your wardrobe, even though it's technically not in mine anymore as mum stole it off me the last time she visited so this is probably the last time you'll see it on the blog, haha. I've been wearing denim a whole lot more recently, I feel like my style has progressed quite a bit from the time I was scared of them and lived in dresses and skirts. The trick is really to find your perfect fit and this style is my tried and trusted ASOS Farleigh, which I own so many different versions of now, this one is extra snazzy with it's frill detail. I feel like I haven't blogged in ages even though I've made sure to schedule posts, because I've been so busy with London Comic Con and cosplay preparations. It's been a rather exhausting yet super fun, non-stop week and now I'm ready to get back to the daily grind.

ASOS t-shirt / ASOS jeans (petite version) / Stella McCartney shoes / No Basic Bombshell earrings / Foxblood glasses

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