Sunday, 13 August 2017


Oh, but where has the summer gone? I've really been trying not to complain about the complete turnaround in weather because a) this is England and b) I've never been a summer person anyway. Regardless, it would be nice if it weren't so darn soggy all the time. Cooler weather without the rain would be fab, thanks.  I almost forgot I shot photos of this outfit as I also filmed a YouTube video that day and when I uploaded it, felt like it was all done and dusted if you know what I mean. I was majorly into this ensemble when it was a tad warmer, the combination of the flirty, feminine silhouette of this & Other Stories top in contrast with light wash denim was just perfect in my opinion and finishing the look with some Converse high tops made me feel like some retro milkshake lady haha. 

& Other Stories top / ASOS jeans  / Chloe sunglasses / Converse trainers


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