Sunday, 27 August 2017


It was some time during editing this set of photos, that I realised I'd worn blue denim jeans in my last five outfit posts. Which may seem nothing out of the ordinary to some but for little ol' me, it's almost downright miraculous. A lot of my real life friends are gobsmacked as I've spent a good chunk of my teens to early twenties moaning about the inaccessibility of a good fitting pair of denim jeans for curvier girls. No, I don't want flimsy jeggings that are guaranteed to stretch over 'plus-sized' thighs and tush, I want real quality, tailored denim to suit more figures. I remember a school friend of mine with her bestie when someone jokingly asked "So, who wears the pants in this relationship?" and she immediately pointed to her friend and said, "Zoe, because I look fat in pants." She was a size 10 at the most so why did she and so many other girls including me feel this way? Having to resort to skirts and dresses to define our style when sometimes all we wanted was a casual pair of jeans to run around in without the risk of flashing anyone. Looking back, perhaps my heavily vintage inspired style growing up was dictated by my inability to wear jeans or more accurately, to find a pair that fit me right. Whilst I was filming my style evolution video (which I still haven't finished editing and I've no legitimate excuse as to why it's taking so long), I definitely noticed the almost abrupt change in my style as I started discovering that I could wear jeans and look good in them... it was all down to finding a pair to suit my figure. Luckily, styles of jeans have branched out from your typical skinny leg, straight leg, boot cut etc. and this fact combined with inspiration from other bloggers (especially Megan Ellaby & Lizzy Hadfield for me), as well as being presented with bloggers of different shapes and sizes modelling different pairs of jeans, means that I've been able to experiment and find particular styles and fits that I've come to love and rely on for my denim fix. 

My favourite tried and trusted style are the ASOS Farleighs which have been featured in 99% of my outfit posts that have consistedof jeans. They're a slim mom jean style and ASOS do them in tonnes of different washes and even some with fun details such as embellishments, fringing, or rips. As you've seen them a gazillion times before on this blog, today I want to introduce you to my latest love affair: Topshop's wide leg jeans. These bleach light wash ones were my first pair and now I own three more washes because I'm actually obsessed. I'd eventually like to collect every single wash and colour that Topshop would like to offer. I think the wide leg almost appears like a straight leg on curvier pins. If you love the look of the Levi 501s but they don't fit right on you then these babies might be the ones for you. They're much more high waisted and fit over my sizeable behind without too much gaping around the back of the waist. There's hardly any stretch to them and the denim material is quite thick which I think is super flattering as it sucks in any unwanted flab. Today I've styled it with this absolutely stunning guipure lace top I snapped up in the last Self Portrait sale, my Glamorous baker boy cap that I also own in navy and yes, once again, my rose gold Stella McCartney platforms that apparently refuse to leave my feet on their own accord. Last but not least, this ASOS hand bag with the gold hoop is a straight up dupe of the Chloe one and I'm super impressed with it for the £20 price tag! You can carry it like I'm doing here but it also comes with a long strap to wear it cross body and the hoop stays up as decoration. I'm quite surprised it hasn't sold out already to be honest. All in all, this is one of my favourite outfits I've put together in while, I felt amazing in it. Anyway, do check out Topshop's wide leg jeans if you haven't already, and let me know what you think of them! I've got my eye on the pale pink pair next.

Self Portrait top / Topshop jeans / ASOS bag / Glamorous hat / Stella McCartney shoes



  1. I love this look, and you look amazing in jeans missy! xxxx

  2. Andini, you look gorgeous as always! I too am so glad that in recent years the fashion industry and the bloggers that represent it have diverged from the usual skinny leg jeans to a much more diverse selection.. meaning there's something out there for everyone! Those jeans flatter your curves immensely and I love how you've styled it!



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