Sunday, 17 September 2017


Surprise, I've gone pink! You might remember me moaning about my hair predicament when I had roots grown out to almost about my ears and a pale mint colour that actually was a happy accident faded out from a deep lilac dye (yeah wtf right). I feel like I've abused my hair enough during the process of going grey/silver a couple of months ago and decided to try out a warmer hair colour so I wouldn't have to bleach my naturally black hair to such a pale white every time I need to retouch any regrowth. I've never actually had a warm hair colour before, always had it in the blues and purple end of the spectrum. I was afraid it might make my face look more like a tomato than it usually does but alas if it does, I'm enjoying the brightness very much. Having an electric hair colour has also made me reach for colourful outfits more so than I usually do. I've never been one to shy away from colour but now I tend to gravitate towards wearing a head to toe array of different shades and pretty much resembling a walking rainbow. That's got me thinking how much a hairdo influences your style. Not only what colour but a certain style or cut as well. That's why people often go darker for winter and vice versa. To be honest I've never really thought about my hair by any of these terms and have always just done whatever the hell I felt like at the time, often a spur of the moment thing and then just dealt with the consequences after. Gone pink – ohh I should probably avoid wearing too much red now as it will clash... or should I? Truthfully there are times, more often than not, when it's just too much of a bother to worry about whether clothes will match or clash with my hair. It's such a first world problem even though I constantly get reminded by several bloggers on my Instagram feed mastering the art of aesthetically pleasing colour combinations every damn time. I guess what I'm getting at is that ultimately I don't want my hairdo to limit my style. Both are excellent forms of self expression that I try not to take for granted. So here's to the foreseeable future with pink hair!

Warehouse t-shirt / Topshop jeans / Pop & Suki bag / Gucci trainers / Daniel Wellington watch*


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