Wednesday, 6 December 2017


Recently I've hit a bit of a blogging conundrum. Naturally in the lead up to Christmas, life has gotten a lot busier. Last minute work has flooded in whilst I'm still behind on the Christmas shopping, an influx of friends and family have been over at the house (does anyone else feel guilty working whilst hosting people even though both parties have agreed it's ok?) and there are holiday trips to be planned. On top of this, I've been trying to maintain (more like juggle) a nice balance between writing/shooting blog posts and filming YouTube videos, something I still haven't quite mastered as the process of the latter seems to take me infinitely longer than anything else. But the real problem lies with the fact that I'm truly not sure which direction I want to go with this blog in the new year. I've been blogging for about five years now and though I'm quite confident that my writing, photography and content have most definitely improved from my earlier days, I can't help but feel the pressure to constantly up my game in a community that has become inarguably saturated. I've noticed that a lot of "fashion bloggers" now write lengthy, essay-like think pieces to accompany their outfit shots (which usually have nothing to do with one another). Before you shoot me down, I have nothing against this, I occasionally enjoy reading them in fact... when the time allows, which leads into a whole nother topic about whether people really still read blogs in this day and age. The truth is I follow fashion blogs for inspiration and I personally don't have the time and energy to read through five paragraphs of wisdom and advice every other day. Kudos to you if you're churning them out because there really are some incredible writers amongst there bloggers at the moment. Unfortunately I find myself skimming through the text most of the time. Which leads me to ponder, what have I enjoyed reading about lately? 

Two blogs that I don't think I've missed a single post from and have been following for years are WishWishWish and What Olivia Did. On top of their flawless photography, their content is constantly engaging and to the point, with the perfect amount of lifestyle and beauty breaking up their style posts. Their blogs are what I aspire Adventures of an Anglophile to be like one day. I don't want to complain about lack of time because I truly believe if I put my mind to it, I'm able to put out creative content without being a full time blogger. Also a newer addition to my reading list yet a fast favourite is Shot From The Street. I love how honest Lizzy is about everything and I feel like her personality plus her passion for fashion really shines through from her writing. Although her style is very different to mine, I thoroughly enjoy her posts and am also inspired to talk shamelessly about clothes and shoes and handbags, basically to be true to myself and write about what I really want. Which brings to light another one of my dilemmas...

Bella Freud x Fred Perry jumper / ASOS skirt / Brixton baker boy hat via ASOS / Gucci belt / Chloe boots / Louis Vuitton bag

wrote previously about how I always felt out of place in the fashion blogging community because of the huge part of me that is super invested in pop culture, films and fandoms. For a long time I wasn't quite sure how to mesh both fashion and fangirling into one cohesive blog image. I look at fandom bloggers like Dee who creates such interesting videos because she is so passionate about it all and to my good friends' Summer and Holly, who are possibly the only other girls I know who write about both fashion and film and do it impeccably well (if you know of any other bloggers or if you blog like this could you please point me in the direction). Anyhow, at this moment in time I'm finding it quite nice to continue posting my outfits here whilst vlogging my pop culture endeavors on my YouTube, I think it's working quite well and you guys seem to be enjoying both aspects. That's another thing that has been rather disheartening lately, I don't know if it's just with my blog but I've been experiencing a severe decline in blog comments which makes me wonder if readers aren't continuing to enjoy my content as much anymore or if we're just moving into an even busier age where people don't have the time (as views don't seem to be suffering the same dip)? The lack of feedback just makes me even more uncertain to be honest so if you guys have any input or constructive criticism whatsoever, please let me know. Am I just reading too much into it? Should I stop overthinking and continue doing my own thing? Or should I change the direction of Adventures of an Anglophile? Sorry if I rambled, I'm not even sure what the point of this post was, just some thoughts I've had about blogging recently I guess. Anyway, to top of what has really been a random couple of days (probably what caused this state of mind in the first place), this week: I've been retweeted by my favourite director, reunited with Felicity Jones, Mum came to London, I saw Gorillaz live for the first time in 8 years, my housemate caught Scarlett Fever, I'm going to the ballet, and then I'm off to Germany this weekend for Comic Con! I'll vlog of course, catch you on the flipside!




  1. I think you must do what works best for you!! I tend to leave blogs that I really want to read thoroughly to the end. I skim through others. But, I'm at the point now that I'm un-following blogs that I really have no interest in and felt I was just putting a comment down to be polite. That makes it easier. I enjoy blogging and sharing thoughts, some days I might say more than others and that's ok. I do need to improve my writing as I had it before. But, I love your blog, and hope you'll keep sharing in some capacity. Just do what is good for you xx

  2. I do find your blog to be as engaging and inspiring as ever, it's true that comments can be a good indicator of reader satisfaction and engagement but not entirely..personally I don't have as much time to comment on each blogpost that I read despite loving the blogger's content. Futhermore I feel like there has been a frameshift in the last few years from blogging to YouTube... many former bloggers have focused their efforts on enhancing their channels etc.. as a result I feel as though the audience attention has also shifted as YouTube content is quite convenient and passive in a sense. This may be a shout into the void but I love your content whether that be your blog, insta or YouTube and as the previous comment suggested do what works for you!



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