Sunday, 29 January 2017


H&M top (similar) / Archive by Alexa trousers (similar) / Office boots / ASOS belt / ASOS clutch

I don't know whether it's apparent that it was the windiest day ever when I took these photos but I really wanted to capture this outfit before I headed out regardless of the faces I pulled or the crazy windswept hair because I'd been longing to try pairing red and navy together for ages and I absolutely loved this look. I remember first seeing them in an outfit worn by blogger Jessica Stein that she posted on her instagram and my initial reaction was: I would never have thought to put those two colours together but whoa, they work so incredibly well? Since that moment I've been dreaming about this combo, but on the other hand I'd also been avoiding navy since it clashed with my then teal hair. Now my locks are a bit more neutral (well as neutral as a fantasy shade can get), I'm milking the shade in my wardrobe just in case I change my hair colour again.
Navy & burgundy together, yay or nay?

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