Wednesday, 8 March 2017


ASOS blouse (similar) / Zara trousers (similar) / ASOS loafers / Givenchy bag

A head-to-toe Gucci inspired look I put together with pieces I already had in my wardrobe. It's always fun to play around with trends but I've actually been thinking of investing in a pair of the actual Gucci loafers because all these knockoffs have been slowly murdering my feet. The back of my heel is oddly flat so I've never had any luck with shoe styles that don't have any support or straps around the ankle, but upon trying the real Horsebit loafers I was taken aback by how perfectly they moulded to the shape of my feet from the moment I slipped them on. Rather than purchasing a cheaper pair yet not being able to walk in them for long periods of time I think it would make more sense for me personally to invest in the latter. Though I do wish I just had a normal shaped heel so I could wear any type of flat. Anyway this has turned into a bit of a side ramble for me to justify a designer purchase but let's just end on the note that I totally luuuurved this outfit and how relaxed and flowy it was: just like going out in pyjamas!

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