Monday, 20 March 2017


Y'all have probably been living under a rock if you hadn't managed to realise how obsessed with Rogue One I've become. And that's just the thing, I never expected it but then at some point along the way it kinda took over my life? Let me explain, I never was (and probably never will consider myself) a Star Wars fan. I watched the earlier films when I was a child but never warmed to them, plus a contributing factor is that I have this weird fear of outer space and wide open places so I tend to avoid any intergalactic films in general. After managing to avoid all the hype of The Force Awakens, I finally sat down to watch it on the sofa one day, about six months after it's initial release. Unfortunately, as I had predicted, it wasn't my cup of tea. So when Rogue One started getting promoted late last year, I ignored the buildup of excitement (when I first saw the trailer, I actually thought that Diego Luna was Michiel Huisman from Game of Thrones... I laugh about this now) and acknowledged that I had no plans to see it. Despite this, I had an influx of friends, from varying degrees of Star Wars nerd to casual cinemaphile, spout out that it was single-handedly the best Star Wars film they'd ever witnessed. Naturally I was intrigued, I'm always willing to give anything a chance. I bought a ticket on a day off, walked into the dark cinema with zero expectations, sat through the film for it's two hour running time and then... walked out. COMPLETELY. SHOOK.

First and foremost, the film just felt so real. Not only was it comparable to a military war film (which I usually love), it was also extremely testing and eye-opening, especially in this period of political upheaval, and for me, without the wishy-washy pretence of lightsabers to distract me, I was totally immersed in a world I never thought I would have a connection with. Perhaps it had something to do with how these new characters had been written, and how much I found myself relating to them, which of course meant that I cared for them. Why though? Why this particular bunch of characters that make up the Rogue One team? I've thought about this a lot and what I've come to the conclusion is this. The reluctant heroine that Jyn Erso was, spoke more to me than the stubbornly brave fighter Rey is portrayed as. In a world of Reys, I would be a Jyn, and I've always found that I gravitate towards characters that reflect certain aspects of my own personality (think my love for Sansa Stark as compared with a huge majority of the Game of Thrones fandom). Also, without speculating about my own family issues, the father/daughter relationship between Galen and Jyn really struck a chord within me and I found myself crying harder during the hologram scene than I did towards the erm, end.

So with that analysis aside, let's move on to my favourite character in Rogue One: Bodhi Rook. Initially taken for a coward, but in my humble opinion, he is the bravest character in the story. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for one good man to do nothing. If Bodhi hadn't defected, not only would Rogue One never have happened, the entire Star Wars trilogy would never have happened. Enough said? Once again I've noticed a pattern with how I choose my favourite characters, is it just me or can you start to draw all these parallels between Bodhi Rook and Sansa Stark? That quiet kind of unassuming bravery has always just appealed to me. I guess as a shy and introverted person, it's something I aspire to have.

Bodhi Rook t-shirt / Urban Outfitters skirt / ASOS belt / Office boots / ASOS fishnets

So that turned into a pretty long spiel to accompany an outfit post but I just felt like I needed to get that out there because now a lot of people seem to assume that I'm the biggest Star Wars fan ever. There you have it, that's my personal stance on the franchise. I'm really curious if there are others that might feel this way too? To me it seems that liking Rogue One yet not being a fan of Star Wars in general is the most unpopular opinion ever, but then again I have heard a lot of SW fans voice that R1 doesn't have that 'Star Wars feel' so maybe my views are justified? Let me know your thoughts please! Okay so now finally on to this look, which I wore to go see the Star Wars Identities exhibition that's in London till September this year. Along with this Bodhi t-shirt which has become my equivalent to your favourite band tee, I wore this plisse skirt that I've been super obsessed with. From the fit, colour, material, and awesome sales price, it's all contributed to making it the best purchase I've made in a while. Plus I've been loving wearing red since it doesn't clash with my hair colour anymore (though we both know this probably won't last long at the rate I change up my hurrrr).


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