Wednesday, 26 April 2017


Three Floor Sugar Dandy dress / ASOS heels

Granted I don't dress up for special occasions very often (meaning I don't have many to go to not that I'm a slob lol), when I'm in need of a more formal ensemble, I'm quite selective with the type of dress I go for. I want it to feel 100% me, probably in an effort to make myself feel more comfortable in an environment I'm not familiar with. This Three Floor number is the perfect example of an "Andini-on-a-night-out" dress, it's basically in a style that I would often wear during the day but elevated to a nighttime level with some extra details. I just realised I've never changed my bio ever since I started this blog almost five years ago now and it still reads that I have a penchant for collars. Truthfully I still really enjoy the preppy touch they lend to outfits even if I don't wear one every single day like I used to (yaahh really, if you remember those good ol' days thank you for sticking around for so long). I've also always loved showing off my waist as it's usually my favourite part of my body and the flattering cut out on this dress definitely gives it a sexier vibe whilst still being covered up enough for my liking. Last but not least I've been totally obsessed with a pink and red colour combo, it clashes in the best way possible.



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