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Ahhh these have got to be some of my favourite shots ever as this is definitely my favourite cosplay I've ever done! It's my first group cosplay attempt (though I've done a partner cosplay before) and it was definitely a challenge to organise more than one outfit like I'm used to but as my Rogue One team was made up of my best friends, it was also super fun team work. I became interested in doing a Rogue One cosplay as soon as I saw the film, I'm sure a lot of you know how much I loved it and the characters in it. My friends and I agreed that it would be awesome if we could be the first to cosplay the R1 gang but being early birds also meant that there were no ready made costumes available and certainly nothing for K-2SO, not even a single template to follow. 

I started off with my Jyn Erso outfit. Out of all the characters from the film, it was only for Jyn that I was able to find some replica clothing online so my cosplay ended up being the quickest and easiest to put together. I managed to source her jacket, vest, and undershirt on Ebay. I then altered a pair of trousers to resemble hers and picked up a similar looking scarf in the ASOS sale (score). Her boots, which are exactly the same style as Cassian's, were a completely different matter. I couldn't find any replicas or similar looking ones anywhere online and was just debating on doing some DIY (only I had no clue where to start) when I saw these brown buckle boots in Primark. They're not an exact copy from the film but super close if I do say so myself. The finishing touches were a brown wig that Yunita cut a long fringe into, a magnetic badge to go on her vest (found it on Etsy), a gun holster that I pieced together with a Primark belt to make it more screen accurate, and some gloves.

The only piece for Cassian Andor's costume we were able to get online was his jacket and then we jazzed it up with a magnetic badge like mine. His undershirt was made out of one of Danielle's old bleach t-shirts which was already a perfect colour match, she then just cut a square out of the back of the tee and sewed it onto the front to imitate the collar flap. For months I'd been trying to get my hands on a toy nerf gun that was an exact replica of Cassian's blaster but to no avail. It was sold out in all the toy stores in London and I really didn't want to pay for one to be shipped from the US. I had resorted to just painting any old toy gun when I spotted said nerf gun in a random store on an unplanned trip to Westfield Statford City (it was actually a stressful one to sort out our home internet at the Sky store there so what a blessing in disguise that turned out to be). The gun was initially neon orange but Danielle just painted over it using the same black and silver acrylics we used for Kaytoo over it and I think the end result looks pretty similar to the one in the film. The cargo pants were the last piece for the ensemble and a bit of a nightmare to find to be honest. Who knew that only a decade later they would become so totally out of fashion that we couldn't locate a pair for ages until this one popped up in the mens section of H&M. The wig was cut by our resident hairdresser Yunita (Bodhi) again and then styled with some wax to give it a much er, greasier look. I used a sponge and some face paint to imitate Cassian and Bodhi's beards on Danielle and Yunita respectively, though I can only commend Danielle on her own makeup skills, thus pretty much turning her face into Diego Luna's. She contoured around her nose and inner parts of the eye specifically and wore dark brown contacts to mask her natural baby blues.
Almost Bodhi's entire outfit was from an army surplus store. We found a black boiler suit and vest there and ironed the Imperial patches on the shoulders. The one thing that didn't really go according to plan was bleaching the suit to the faded grey/blue Bodhi has in the movie. After several rounds of bleaching and soaking, we only managed to get it down to this dark navy/grey colour that we had to make do with as we were fast running out of time. We couldn't find clear circular goggles either but these white steampunk ones from Ebay were close enough. The data cylinders in his left sleeve were from Etsy and his sand shoes were from Primark. I've always thought that we were lucky that Yunita already looks like a female version of Riz Ahmed and with her eyebrows filled in and a beard drawn on, the resemblance is uncanny. Plus she's the only one that can get away with not wearing a wig!

Now onto beloved Kaytoo, the one cosplay that had us the most baffled at the beginning. How would we build a full scale robot costume and where would we start? None of us really have any engineering background except for my brief stint in an Architecture course during university (which I quit because all that model-making was just not for me). Turns out, a bit of creativity and perseverance can go a long way and I was quite surprised that in the end we managed to build something that actually resembled K-2SO! I actually started off by downloading a template for a Boba Fett helmet (the secret's out now) and using cardboard from boxes lying around at home, we constructed the base of the head, altering it bit by bit to make it resemble Kaytoo's head rather than Boba's. The skull was constructed by slicing the cardboard into wedges (much like an orange if you can imagine) and then filled the gaps with Polyfilla before sanding down the surface to smooth it out. Bits of craft foam was used to shape the face and two buttons we found that were so perfect for his eyes. The main bulk of the body was also built with cardboard and craft foam, the shoulders using shoe boxes and paper plates, each component glued then reinforced with electrical tape. For the neck we used a (drum roll please)... toilet roll! The one thing we had trouble with was making sure that toilet roll could hold up the head and after a couple of tries and times it rolled off, we decided to thread wire inside the neck to make it much stronger and that did the trick. So Emily's head actually went under K-2SO's shoulders and she taped makeshift handles inside the body so she could hold it and her elbows in as well as control it. She wore black clothing and then we stuck more cardboard above her hips to imitate his pelvis section. The look was rounded off with some cardboard discs sewn onto her pants to make Kaytoo's joints.
It wasn't until the morning of MCM Comic Con when we all came together dressed and ready, assembled K-2SO on Emily and went to the park to take these photos (even though we'd already done a couple of makeup trials and dress rehearsals before), did I realise that we actually did a pretty decent job. When the first person at the con came up to us and asked for a photo, it boosted my confidence even further until more and more people were stopping us and then some even said it was the best cosplay they'd ever seen! Wow, as a group we were walking on cloud nine the entire day and just had so much fun being the Rogue One squad. Thank you so much to everyone who said hello! If you haven't watched the vlog and want to see more of what we actually got up to at MCM, click here.
Now it's time to plan my next cosplay!

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