Wednesday, 21 June 2017


This is the final of the Japan outfit I shot, a look where I re-wore all the pieces from previous days except for this gorgeous yellow shirt which I think is the feature piece of this ensemble and reminds me slightly of Sesame Street's Big Bird crossed with a flamenco dancer. Which can only be a good combination in my opinion. I'm actually struggling to think of what to write here because it's currently 32 degrees in London which apparently is the exact melting point of my brain. I even went to the cinema to try and escape the heat and ended up seeing Pirates 5 which I had no intention of ever watching previously. I totally felt the film was lacklustre and deffinitely not my favourite of the franchise but gosh the ending had me all teary-eyed in the best possible way... let's just say my 15 year old self is at peace.

Monki shirt / ASOS jeans / ASOS earrings / Gucci trainers


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