Sunday, 9 July 2017


Aristocats was one of my favourite Disney films growing up and Marie is my spirit animal so when Lazy Oaf released this top as part of their collaboration with Disney, I was all heart eyes. Didn't help that it was pink, you know all too well how obsessed I've been with this shade recently. I won't talk about the jeans and shoes because they've featured way too many times on this blog (I've even had to alternate outfit posts and stagger them out of chronological order as I'd be in the same pair of jeans in consecutive posts, oops). I'm definitely missing blossom season, I'm not cut out for this summer weather that everyone's been raving about, it's just too hot for me. Like I really wanted to stick to a weekly YouTube upload schedule and put up a video every Sunday but the fact that my filming room aka bedroom has felt quite similar to a sauna this past week has kinda put me off and made me a bit lazy. That style evolution video will still be coming (just a little later) and I might be at the Dunkirk premiere next week so I'll try my best to vlog it if I do end up going. Words can't describe how excited I am for that film seriously, Inception is my favourite film of all the time so anything that involves a collaboration between Christopher Nolan, Hans Zimmer, Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy is just a dream come true for me!

Lazy Oaf top / ASOS jeans / EMP Deathstar bag / ACNE trainers


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