Wednesday, 19 July 2017


You know the gingham obsession has ultimately peaked when you start wearing multiple versions of the checkered print at once. I was instantly attracted to this dress with it's haphazard patchwork of different gingham print sizes and it's off-centre, slanted button down feature. It looks rather crazy but in a subtle way if you see what I mean. It works perfectly for the British summertime and I'm looking forward to transitioning it into autumn too (yes I'm certain gingham will stick around for yet another season). I'm currently sat typing this as I try to come down from the high of attending the Dunkirk premiere (please do watch my vlog if you haven't already, because it was such an amazing day), but at the same time I'm feeling pretty poorly as I've managed to catch the flu. Thinking back, the last time I was sick was in February after the BAFTAs so I should've learnt my lesson by now that camping outside on the street from 3am in the morning doesn't necessarily agree with my body. Yet I'd probably still do it all over again. The way I look at it is that I should just try harder at maintaining a healthy lifestyle to hopefully boost my immune system. Anyway this fever is not helping me think so I'm going to leave this one short and sweet. I'm planning to see Dunkirk on Friday, the day of it's release here in the UK, and let me tell you I haven't been this excited for a film in a long time. I could honestly cry just thinking about it. It's the whole Inception/The Dark Knight Rises reunion that I've been waiting for. And if that weren't enough to feed my geeky side this week, Game of Thrones has just started up again! Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh *fangirls off into the distance*

Finery dress / ASOS hat / ACNE boots 

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