Sunday, 20 August 2017


Gosh my roots have grown out so much that I may have to start pulling off an ombre look (a very badly done one to say the least). I've been trying to get rid of this blue without using any bleach but it's being pretty stubborn. This is probably the extent I can fade it out so I'm going to just have to try and dye my next colour over it and pray it doesn't turn out a funky shade. Has anyone had any experience dying a warm shade like red or pink over a cool colour like blue or green? I'm no expert to the colour wheel when it comes to hair dyes. Anyway, hair woes aside, I've been digging this style of tie-front top. I'm not sure which brand pioneered the design but ASOS stock this style in a myriad of different prints and colours now (I'll link them all below). It's so great to throw over high-waisted jeans, especially if you're pear-shaped like me, the slightly cropped length is super flattering and it's a tad longer at the back to hide the dreaded jeans gape. Despite how it may appear, you can wear pretty much wear any type of bra with it too as the bow ties hide everything. So yes, I'm officially declaring this the "summer top of 2017"... for what may be left of summer anyway. I've had this Zara bag for over a year now (they came out with it just after Prada launched their blingy straps, kudos Zara) but have hardly worn it because it's so tiny... now that I own an iPhone 7 plus, I can barely fit that in! It's like a freaking game of tetris every single time I need to fish something in or out of the bag... and since I've exhausted every single topic about every single item of this outfit, let's talk about these gorgeous earrings. I wasn't aware of jewellery brand Kestan until I heard one of my favourite youtubers Mei, was doing a collab with them and I proceeded to order a couple of items from their collection including these silver earrings and two other chokers that I'm absolutely smitten with. I love everything about Mei's aesthetic and though I could never dream of being as cool as her, I'm super impressed with this collection and have been eyeing up some other Kestan pieces, very pleased to have been introduced to this brand in general.

ASOS tie front blouse / ASOS jeans / Zara bag (old) / Castaner wedges / Kestan x Mei earrings

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