Wednesday, 25 October 2017


Wheww, so after a week of daily vlogging and constant video uploads, it's so nice to be back with some outfit photos and just still imagery in general. I had considered alternating a blog post between each vlog but ultimately decided that it would be better just to get the vlogs up in a timely manner whilst they're still relevant. Anyway I hoped you enjoyed coming along to London Film Festival with me this year. I had a lot of fun vlogging it though now I'm quite keen to take a break from holding a filming camera and editing clips of my face every day haha. Let me reacquaint myself with blogging and talk about this outfit I wore recently, part Parisian chic and a hundred percent autumnal. On a stroll past Hyde Park I came across this giant tree that had turned almost entirely golden and the same shade as my dress so I thought it would serve as the perfect backdrop. I love velvet as a material, especially for clothing. It's both luxe and forgiving, a sumptuous elegance to the way it drapes and emits a sheen yet it's also super snuggly wand warm, the best of both worlds! I rejoice for the time of year when I can wear more of this fabric and incorporate it in all sorts of different colours and textures. It's also the perfect time to kick on some over-the-knee boots as it's still mild enough to bare some upper leg (on cooler days just wear some nude tights) yet not so warm that tight fitting leather is going to be an issue (that back of the knee sweat is not the one). This particular faux suede pair are relatively new and completely flat as opposed to my old platform ones that I used to wear all the time. Naturally this means they are really comfortable to walk around in all day although I still have not mastered the ability to keep them completely up for long periods of time (ironically this style are named KEEP UP on ASOS). I have noticed that ASOS have introduced an extensive range of over-the-knee/thigh-high boots to their CURVE range which are a godsend for chunkier calves. If you're a girl who previously thought you'd never be able to fit into over-the-knees, think again because after trying these on I'm confident that all sizes will be able to wear these (they're stretchy too).

Valfre dress / Accessorize beret / ASOS boots / Chloe bag / Primark rings

I shot my Halloween outfit today so look out for that next on the blog hopefully! Do you remember what I went as last year? I love any excuse to dress up as a character (coming from an avid cosplayer) so Halloween is always so much fun. Who will you transform into this year?

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