Friday, 27 October 2017


This is a last minute cosplay I threw together for Halloween. I actually hadn't planned on dressing up this year as I'll be out of town but I honestly couldn't resist doing the annual costume for the blog plus any reason to transform into a different character is so much fun for an avid cosplayer like me. In addition, Stranger Things is back so what better time to be the badass Eleven? I've had this dress from Melonhopper for over a year now and was pleasantly surprised to find that it had survived the move from my old place. It's not long sleeved like the dress in the TV show so it's best to wear it with a jacket if you want it to look more screen accurate. Otherwise it's really just a cute, smocked, collared dress for day to day which is right up my alley. The windbreaker jacket I found in one of my local vintage stores and I thought it looked close enough to the jacket that Mike lends Eleven. Knee-high socks are just sports socks from Amazon and everybody has a pair of white high-top converse in their shoe-drobe right? I also already had this blonde wig in my cosplay arsenal, though it is a tad longer than Eleven's, I think it still works well, especially when swept to the back. The thing I loved most about this cosplay was how simple the makeup was. Only foundation, no concealer (better to emphasise those dark circles), no mascara, no brows. Heck if you have clear skin, just forego the foundation altogether, you want a completely youthful appearance. The final touches were a drop of fake blood to the left nostril (this is actually the first time I've used fake blood and I just picked up a random one from Hobbycraft and the consistency was quite easy to work with though I learnt the hard way that this stuff stains) and most importantly Eggos! Unfortunately what would've been the easiest part of this cosplay if you lived in America and liked waffles, Eggos are nowhere to be found in the UK so a quick DIY job was inevitably on the cards. I printed the labels off from a google image search and used the A4 paper as a template for the box which is constructed from ASOS packaging but any leftover cardboard will do just fine.

We shot these photos in the middle of a grocery store (albeit early in the morning when it had just opened so it was less crowded) and I absolutely love how they turned out, there's an authentic Stranger Things feel to them with the backdrop and a vibe I've never really explored before. I admit it was truly out of my comfort zone to shoot in a packed public space (I normally try to avoid crowded places for blog photo locations and still feel super awkward when a random passerby happens to walk past), and even though we'd earlier asked permission from the store to shoot (I'd highly recommend this even if you're not doing anything commercial, just out of courtesy), I still felt like I was blocking people's way and that everyone was staring at me (which truthfully isn't usually a bad thing). Anyway, I powered through and got these shots that I'd had in mind done and it's the most rewarding sensation ever! I'm so proud of myself for conquering my fear and look forward to more creative endeavours like this in the future. Okay now back to my Stranger Things marathon! Who's finished S2 already?

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