Thursday, 30 November 2017


It's only been in the past 3 years I've lived in London that I've decided to invest in a real Christmas tree for the festive season. It's just not so much of a thing growing up in Australia because our Christmas falls in the summer and most families resort to putting up plastic trees for ease and comfort. It's a lot harder to keep a plant alive in 40 degree heat, and you would generally have to get the tree very close to Christmas time and then it would only last about a week. I have quite fond memories of going to my school friend Sophia's house though as her family was the only one I knew that had a real Christmas tree every year. I remember smelling the fresh aroma as soon as I stepped through her front entrance and I was always fixated by it's towering presence in their living room. Then I moved to London and I had no real reason not to try picking a Nordmann Fir for my own place, and since then I've never looked back.

Here are 5 reasons to buy a natural Christmas tree as opposed to a fake one:

1. Scent 
Real trees emit a gorgeous pine aroma that will immediately put everyone in a festive mood as well as act as a natural air freshener.

2. No storage
Living places in London aren't very spacious so if you're anything like me and constantly struggling with your junk to room ratio then you'll welcome the fact that you won't need somewhere to store it once you put it away for the year.

3. Special occasion 
The fun isn't all in the final product, I find the process very enjoyable. Choosing the right tree for your family/house is a fab day out in itself.

4. Carbon-neutral
If the tree is locally grown and then mulched or composted after it is disposed then no carbon dioxide will be produced. Even if it does end up going to landfill it's still going to be a better scenario for the environment than plastic trees.

5. Looks real
Well because it is real. If you're a fan of a traditional looking tree than no amount of man-made craft and mastery will be able to replicate nature.

This year I have picked my Christmas tree from Fantastic Services*. They offer a choice of Nordmann Firs from 4-8 feet and each tree includes delivery, installation, and a stand that also doubles as a water dish. Further they have more customisable options such as decorating the tree and also collection and recycling afterwards. This was my first time ordering from them but the delivery man came punctually on the exact time we decided on and offered to install the tree though I declined as I wanted to keep it wrapped up until I found a suitable location for it (the house is a bit of a mess at the moment to be honest). When it came to it I just unwrapped the standard netting around the tree and the stand is already fixed to the bottom of the trunk so it will stay upright without problem. I poured a bit of water into the stand as well to keep it fresh for Christmas. This is probably the earliest I've ever gotten my tree up but I'm glad it's all sorted as when my parents come over for the holidays there won't be any further hassle and I can focus on hosting them. Now all that's left to do is decorate it! I'll be sure to post photos when I'm all done with that.

You can get £10 off your first booking with the code andiniria10 at Fantastic Services!


*Complimentary tree and delivery courtesy of Fantastic Services but as always all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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