Sunday, 17 December 2017


At first glance you could have mistaken this place for some medieval historical ruin in the European countryside. A location seemingly come to life straight out of the pages of a fairytale, as I set foot within it's towering foliage-draped stone walls, I was immediately transported into another world for real. This sensation was intensified by the fact that mere seconds ago I was walking along a bustling street in the London CBD. Then I turned a corner and found myself here. St Dunstan-in-the-East was once a church that got partly destroyed in WWII. Its remains have been turned to a public garden that is located between a cluster of office buildings halfway between London Bridge and the Tower of London. It's not swarming with people as it's a bit of a hidden location but businessmen and women who work around the area often take their lunch break there, which I couldn't imagine a better place to take some respite from the desk and computer screen.

I recently made an exciting addition to my autumn/winter wardrobe in the form of this plaid Ganni dress which is no doubt quite an investment piece. I thought it was a very "me" dress and loved it's vintage style contrasted with a much more modern print. I always hear people say it's best to splurge on more basic designs so you can be assured it won't go out of style plus you'll get your money's worth being able to wear it over and over paired with different things but I'm hear to argue the case. I'd been saving for this ACNE jumper I'd had my eye on for a while when my mum came across the open tab on my browser one day and commented "Why? It's so basic and so not you." The statement, though quite nonchalant at the time, made me take a step back to evaluate a little. Though I whole-heartedly agree with the other side of the debate, I firmly believe that there's nothing wrong with treating yourself to a special piece that will make you feel good, no matter how outlandish the style. After all, it is usually clothing that's more unique that will stand out and appeal to you in the first place and they are the ones that are capable of producing that irreplicable feeling of excitement once you put them on. That feeling alone warrants an investment piece in my opinion. Regardless, I'm enjoying this dress a lot. I love wearing it grunged up with some black ankle boots and a biker jacket. These pointed vintage looking ASOS boots (or my witch boots as others like to call it) are one of my favourite buys ever, so much so that I also own them in brown. Unfortunately they're over a year old now but ASOS have started stocking an almost identical pair if you were on the market for one.

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