Sunday, 14 January 2018


I don't think I've ever gotten as many questions about where I got an item of clothing as much as this Mike Wheeler t-shirt! So here it is answered in one place, this was from Topshop and the collaboration they did with Stranger Things last year. Unfortunately I don't think it's available anymore (at least not online, I'm not sure what they did with leftover stock in stores) as you can imagine if you didn't experience it yourself firsthand, the popularity and ensuing madness of a collection launch such as this. In fact, let me tell you a little story. I decided to rock up to the Topshop flagship store in central London at 8am on the morning of the Topshop x Stranger Things collection release (store opens at 9.30am and there was already a queue) because I wasn't going to take any chances with trying to battle online. Fortunately the wait didn't feel very long and as soon as they opened I ran to the corner where they had all the collaboration items displayed and grabbed one of everything on each arm (my tactic for shopping limited edition collections is to grab everything in sight first then sort through which pieces you actually want in the fitting room). Also I already had a clear plan in my head (and on my phone) about which particular items I wanted most so that would affect the order in which I grabbed things if you know what I mean. Ok so, the one t-shirt design that I had to have from this collection was this one: print of Mike Wheeler and his walkie talkie with his quote "I'm done. Over." which I thought would be a pretty apt slogan tee to describe my 24/7 mood anyway. I scanned the entire section at the store a few times before I came to the conclusion that the one t-shirt I came for was in fact... not there. At this point I pulled over a staff member to enquire about this bizarre situation, showing her the t-shirt on their website. She gave me a puzzled frown and said that it should in fact be here and that it probably meant that the one box containing this store's stock of this tee was on another delayed truck. Just my luck! I asked her when the truck was estimated to get in but she quite honestly that she didn't know and I would just have to stick around and wait in store. It's not such a bad idea, the store was warm and comfortable plus they had some awesome Stranger Things inspired displays, activities, and photo ops to celebrate the launch, including Castle Byers, an arcade in the Upside Down, Eleven's coke can test room and Hawkin's school lockers. However once I had visited all of them and checked back to find that the truck still hadn't arrived, the effects of getting up so early in the morning started to catch up on me. I decided to just try my luck online for this shirt and lo and behold it was still available! So I purchased it through the Topshop website whilst I was standing in the middle of the Topshop flagship store, the irony still makes me chuckle to this day. But hey, I got what I wanted even though I took the long-winded route! 

To be honest it was worth all the effort too because I've been wearing this tee to death. You might have already seen it in my Germany vlog where I styled it with lace up trousers and a leopard coat.  It's become my equivalent to a black band tee, except like, nerdier. Today I've opted to team it with this Gucci-esque metallic skirt which I love to add a touch of pizzazz to any casual outfit but is perfect for party wear too!

Topshop x Stranger Things t-shirt / Topshop skirt / Vans shoes / Gucci bag / ASOS beanie / Lucy Williams x Missoma necklace


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