Sunday, 7 January 2018


I'm often asked where I get my style inspiration from. To be honest the general answer is always here and there, I seem to take in a lot of my surroundings day to day. London is bursting with arts and culture and I've found living in this city to be the best for a constant source of ideas and creation.  At times even the most mundane things like the colour of a wall along the street I'm walking down will spark an urge in me to try something out with it fashion-wise. More often, streetstyle probably has the biggest impact on me. I find almost everyone in every corner of this city so fashionable in their own unique way and I catch myself mentally noting down people's ensembles as I walk past them. I've never been one to be afraid of trying something different when it comes to personal style, in fact I find testing out a wider, eclectic range of styles to be the best way to hone in on what really works for you. 

This particular ensemble was actually inspired by a look Aidan Gillen wore in an Esquire magazine shoot. I was immediately taken by the colour combination of navy, mustard, and bottle green, almost like primary colours but muted for the colder season. I absolutely love the way these colours look together and had never thought to pair them before. I dug out pieces I'd already had in the back of my wardrobe (for example, my coat is Primark instead of Aidan's £1200 Kent & Curwen number) but this is why I've previously mentioned that I quite like drawing inspo from mens fashion too, it's often a lot more wearable and therefore replicable. 

For example, even though I'm always struck by Bella Hadid's off-duty style, a lot of the pieces she wears are pretty unrealistic for a day-to-day basis in London (nor do I have the figure for them might I add) so I kind of pick and choose certain silhouettes, texture and colour combinations that I see on her and work them into my own outfits. I used to look to fellow fashion bloggers a lot for inspo too but much more recently I've felt that everyone is starting to look a little too samey. Same wavy balayage hair. Same Gucci bag. My whole life I've wanted to look 'different' (hence my scene kid days and the fact that I presently have trouble keeping a hair colour for more than a few months), but I can't help being influenced by others. There can be no creation without imitation after all, anyone who denies that is lying.

Primark coat (almost identical alternative) / Green top (old) / ASOS trousers (sold out but similar) / Dr Martens brogues / ASOS earrings (sold out but similar)

Long answer short: I'm alternately inspired by bloggers, editorials, my favourite celebrities, and London streetstyle. I think my constant roving eye and unquenchable urge to always try something new and different is the reason that I've not yet been able to pinpoint how to define my personal style. Maybe the best way to describe it would be: versatile. At this moment in time I can't conform to a specific style because I'm so open to stepping out of my comfort zone and switching up my looks as often as the wind chops and changes. 

PS. I still have pink hair, these photos are just old. I almost forgot about them but decided I liked them too much to leave them out. Plus I've been on crutches so it's a little difficult to shoot new outfit photos!

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  1. Love this Andini - so interesting to hear what influences your outfits and style! xxx


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