Sunday, 18 February 2018


What's black and white and red all over? 

Well that would be me. I can't tell you how much I've missed simply rocking a classic red lip... it's one of those things I took for granted until I had pink hair. Now the faux silver locks are relatively new but my go-to formula of a black and white outfit to make a red lip pop has definitely been tried and true. You'll often hear someone point out that they'd love to inject more colour into their wardrobe instead of wearing black all the time, but I've always been the exact opposite. As the owner of approximately ten rainbow striped jumpers in my closet at the moment, I seem to find putting together a monochromatic outfit to be a lot more out of my comfort zone, but you can't deny there's just something about a black and white ensemble that exudes chic, classy, and sophisticated vibes. Cue this prim and elegant, no-fuss dress from & Other Stories that kinda makes me feel like an 18th century poet, and takes me back to the days when all I ever wore were vintage dresses, constantly had my hair up in milkmaid braids and frolicked around London totally overdressed. Well I've also always firmly believed that there's no such thing as the term "overdressed" even if I used to lament that I could never do "casual"... just wear what you want like I've always done and though my style has branched out to include a lot more denim (I never thought I'd see the day), it feels really nice to scrub up a little more. You really don't need a special occasion to dress up!

& Other Stories dress / ASOS tights / ACNE boots / Gucci bag / Regal Rose rings 


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